Leslie Van Houten's Letters From Charles Manson Exposed As She Awaits Parole

Heather Tooley

Leslie Van Houten, a former member of the Charles Manson family killers awaiting parole, exposed letters that she received from the cult leader himself.

According to a Radar Online report, Van Houten told the parole board that she's received letters from Manson's over the years.

Van Houten confessed that she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca under the orders of Manson on August 10, 1969, the night after the Sharon Tate murders. She was recently recommended for parole despite allegedly still having contact with her cult leader.

"Over the years, now and then, he'll send something in through the mail," Van Houten told the parole board during her hearing on April 14.

Van Houten thinks, however, that the correspondence is actually written by someone else on Charles Manson's behalf.

"I received something in the mail through him which I think came from someone else writing it for him," she said.

Leslie Van Houten claims that the last time she heard from Manson was in 2013.

The former Manson family cult killer said she's only received "three missives" over the past 40 years from Manson and has "turned them over to the institutional investigator's office."

Van Houten is reported to have admitted to reading the letters and that Mason was still trying to manipulate her.

"[He] accused me for not standing loyal, making up stuff, you know, not – it's all geared towards him getting out of prison and being critical of me and I've turned into the very thing that he tried to save me from, you know," said Van Houten.

Sharon Tate's sister, Debra Tate, attended Van Houten's parole hearing. She told the entertainment site that she was repulsed by Van Houten's admission and doesn't believe she's reformed. Tate doesn't view Van Houten as fit to be released back into society.

— New York Post (@nypost) May 8, 2016

Leslie Van Houten points her finger at the prison system for being just as culpable over her receiving the cult leader's letters.

"First of all, I wonder why the authorities didn't catch it and then I feel uncomfortable that he remembers me," Van Houten told the parole board.

Tate rebukes the Van Houten's claims as an indicator that she's still under Manson's strong influence.

"Her immediate response was 'the system should have prevented that' — that isn't taking responsibility," she asserted.

Tate says Van Houten's prison record should speak for itself because it's clear she has a proclivity for evil men. She said that the convicted killer was "allowed to have a 15-year sexual letter relationship with another double homicide individual in another state." She added that "it was two murders talking to each other. She had a 15-year sexual relationship until the man died."

Leslie Van Houten was 19 when she took part in the grisly murders she's accused of. She also told the parole board that if Manson told her to kill babies or toddlers, she would have complied.

Debra Tate is begging California Governor Jerry Brown from releasing Van Houten.

— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) May 11, 2016

So far over 129,000 signatures have been collected and 150,000 are needed on the petition to keep Leslie Van Houten in prison.

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