Trump International Hotel Las Vegas — Man Sits On Ledge, Is He A Jumper? [Updated]

Las Vegas hotel visitors are on alert this evening after a man climbed up on a ledge of Trump International and sat down. At around 6:15 p.m., police arrived to the scene to defuse the potential situation.

According to Las Vegas Sun, a man was asked to leave Trump International hotel. The source notes that the Las Vegas man had an unpaid bill, and hotel security kicked him out of the Trump facility.

[Update, 2:40 p.m., EST]

ABC News reports that the Las Vegas man was taken into custody around 1:15 a.m., Saturday, May 14. The source notes that the man moved away from the Trump International ledge but still remained on the same floor. Six hours into the hotel situation, the Las Vegas man surrendered.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Charles Jenkins mentioned that they were taking the man to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Authorities still weren’t clear on whether the man had ingested or used drugs of any form prior to the Trump International altercation.

Also, Las Vegas police did not reveal the name of the man they took into custody, although they didn’t mention any identity concealing purposes of confidentiality.

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The source notes that the Las Vegas man then climbed the hotel’s planters and reached a section of Trump International’s ledge. At that point, he sat along the edge with his legs dangling over the side.

After sitting on the hotel’s ledge, the man refused to leave the area. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, the guy was still on top of Trump International at 8 p.m. The source notes that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police positioned themselves around the hotel’s pool deck. Then, a spokesperson attempted to talk the man down from the ledge. According to the source, he has been sitting on the seventh floor. For this reason, authorities cleared the area to any Trump International hotel guests as precaution.

Also, medical personnel are at the hotel scene — given the possibility that a worst-case scenario could occur. The Las Vegas Review-Journal mentions that there have been no reports on whether the man is under the influence of drugs or alcohol — or if he has any mental health issues. However, as reports Hearst Seattle Media, Lieutenant Timothy Hatchett hasn’t provided any additional information on the developing situation.

[Update, 3:08 p.m., EST]

Las Vegas’ Trump International has come under media observation lately concerning possible workers. Just last week, a labor force was in protest — specifically, a culinary union.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports as follows.

“The event was organized by Culinary Local 226, which represents more than 57,000 workers in the valley. Last month, the group was certified to represent the more than 500 culinary workers at the Trump hotel, and the goal of Thursday’s march was to call for contract negotiations to ‘begin immediately’.”

Essentially, these Las Vegas workers state that union jobs offer more benefits than those offered at Trump International Hotel, and they’d like for the hotel to come close to or match union standards. According to PRI News, one employee of the hotel — Miguel Funes — mentions that he gets an hour lunch from his union job. As an elaboration, he makes the following statement regarding Trump International.

“No lunchtime. You’re able to take your 30-minutes break, and you have to clock out, out of the system. So they don’t pay you for that. When you come back, you clock in again. Punch out and punch in.”

The Las Vegas employee also notes that he only makes $9.31 per hour at Trump International. However, at Mandalay Bay and for the same exact job, he makes $13.81, plus benefits. The worker states, “Benefits represents being able to go to the doctor with the kids without being bankrupt and in debt.”

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