Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka, Defends Dear Ole Dad From Criticism: ‘If You Hit Him, He’s Going To Hit Back’

Ivanka Trump defended dad Donald Trump from fire that he’s been drawing since he announced he’d seek the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. His fellow Republicans have charged Trump with not having enough experience to run the country, and accused him of bad business ethics that they feared might carry over into his presidency. However, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, went to bat for her father, telling his detractors that he can’t be expected to sit there and take all the criticism without doling some out himself.

People found that Ivanka discussed her feelings about her father taking such criticism with Gayle King at the Women’s Summit in New York City on Thursday.

“He has a pretty tough punch – but it’s almost always a counterpunch. If they hit him, he’s going to hit them back.”

It’s pretty clear that Ivanka feels that her father has been attacked more than he has been attacking. Trump has also been accused of making misogynistic comments towards women he dislikes, and certain conservatives view some of his policies as too extreme. For his part, Trump has insulted Republican Party all-stars like Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and John McCain, even going so far as to pick on John McCain’s capture during his service in the Vietnam War.

Beside being The Donald’s daughter, Ivanka is also famous in her own right as an author, speaker, and former model. At the Women’s Summit, where she was speaking, Miss Trump also told Gayle King that she has thick skin and thinks most of the mud that’s been slung at her father consists of fallacies. Several former GOP candidates who dropped out of the race later changed course, throwing their support to Trump rather than opposing him. It’s also been rumored that Sarah Palin might be Trump’s running mate.

CNN Money noted that Ivanka has worked with her father for years as the executive VP of the Trump Organization, and considers him a great father and mentor. Trump’s wife, Melania, has also been at The Donald’s side at many of his campaign stops, and has defended him from naysayers in the media and the political circuit as well.

Former GOP candidate Chris Christie, who was one of Trump’s biggest opponents before withdrawing from the race, was seen standing behind Trump while The Donald made a speech on Super Tuesday. There was also speculation that Christie might be Trump’s VP, though there’s no clear answer to who will run with him just yet.

Ivanka Trump speaking in Manchester, NH. [Image Via Marc Nozell,, CC-BY SA 2.0]

Trump has also suffered from attacks by the media, who are labeling him as a racist and xenophobe, though Ivanka and Melania are unapologetic in their history of defending him. The focus of the presidential campaign has been on Donald’s career as a businessman and his political views, though it’s clear Ivanka is trying to get people to see the more human side of him as well. That could be a bit of a struggle given that Trump’s obscene wealth and larger-than-life claims have made him almost mythic in the public eye.

Ivanka has been pursuing her own ideas about politics and social reform as well as supporting her father. The 34-year-old superwoman started Women Who Work, an initiative whose aim it is to help women achieve their business and lifestyle goals. Her site posts advice and interviews for professionals to help build their careers and businesses, as well as enrich their daily lives.

[Image Via Marc Nozell,, CC-BY SA 2.0]