‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Season 11 Episode 22: ‘We Happy Few’ [Video]

Supernatural Season 11 is coming to a close, and in Episode 22, titled “We Happy Few,” there are going to be some shocking revelations to come. As a matter of fact, seeing God in the previous episode will pale in comparison to what is coming.

There is sufficient evidence now that Supernatural is about to give Sam and Dean Winchester their biggest threat to date, according to TV Guide. For those who have been faithfully watching Supernatural over the past 11 years now, every season seems to have that prevailing theory. But this time, it is literally going to be biblical.

To help put the final episodes of Supernatural Season 11 into perspective, just imagine what an apocalypse would look like if it were hiding in your backyard from a bully. That is the kind of proportions that the Winchester boys are going to be dealing with in the last two episodes of Supernatural.

Although there are many ways that Supernatural could wrap up Season 11, it is only going to happen one way and that is the way that the true creative minds behind Supernatural do every year, which fans will not know about until they see it. But rest assured that Rowena is about to get her claws into the Winchester’s business and things are going to go bad for everyone involved.

Before we get too deep into what is going to happen in the next episode of Supernatural, let’s just take a look at the road so far.

The last episode of Supernatural picked right up where the previous episode left off, and that was with God and the Winchesters seeing each other on the road after the fog incident, according to Entertainment Weekly.

As many Supernatural fans already knew, there was much to be discussed. It was also a little funny that after God zapped them back into the bunker, Sam started to go a little fanboy on Chuck/God. He also had his burning question for God, just like everyone else does. But Sam’s big question was for him to explain the whole concept of ears. Adorable, almost.

So with all the useless banter out of the way, Dean starts the conversation about how to stop Amara from destroying all of God’s creation, and furthermore wants to know why God disappeared and left the people in the world in the lurch.

Although he doesn’t really feel like wasting his time explaining that to Dean, he does tell him that there was a time when he was hands on with his people, but there also came a time in every child’s life when the father has to step away and let the kids take care of themselves (as if that wasn’t a perfect Supernatural quote).

But what was even more exciting about that episode of Supernatural was when God gave them Kevin Tran back, which was just the biggest thrill for any longtime fan of Supernatural. But he also sent him straight away to Heaven, seemingly giving the Winchesters the closure they have been longing for in regard to him.

Then God explains that he does not need Lucifer to help him put Amara away again, but he will stick around while they make a rescue attempt. Otherwise, Amara might set up a trap for him and just lure him in.

So Dean finds the new scribe of God, Donatello, who just so happens to be an atheist. But Sam and Dean fill him in on the events of late and that is when Metatron also comes in and joins the party. It was almost like one big Supernatural reunion.

So God sends Dean out to distract Amara while Sam, Donatello, and Metatron rescue Lucifer. But Amara interrupts their party and Lucifer cannot zap them out of there, so they hit the road and when Amara catches up with them, God zaps them away to safety.

So in the next episode, with God having already given Lucifer his powers back, the plan is for him to help God find Amara. But things are going to go extremely wrong when Rowena gets in on the action. But really, when do things on Supernatural ever happen without problems?

Watch the next episode of Supernatural next Wednesday on The CW.

[Image via The CW]