Cher Blasts Donald Trump In Bizarre Series Of All-Caps Tweets

Cher, the multifaceted musician and actress, has touched upon every facet of popular culture. For many people, Cher is the perpetual rock star who has episodically transformed herself to stay on top of the pop culture world. But for those who are devoted to social media, it may appear that Cher is more like an enigma who tweets conundrums with deeper meaning. So when she posted a 114-character all-caps message regarding Donald Trump, fans were bewildered about the meaning of the content.

According to Jezebel, at first look, the message may seem hard to decipher.

Recently, Cher — ever the Twitter enthusiast — had tweeted about feeling sorry for Trump when there were protests against the presidential candidate in California. While those tweets were somewhat intelligible, they were inevitably followed by the above tweet that had everyone scratching their heads.

Many people have been trying to piece together the meaning behind these 114 characters, looking for ulterior meanings and connotations that may perhaps relate to Donald Trump’s physical attributes.

Jezebel theorized that the Post Script message referred to Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who is fond of hunting, a sport that Cher is against due to her anti-hunting and pro-animal activism. Indeed, Cher’s follow-up post confirms this.

According to the Western Journalism, Cher has been bashing Trump on Twitter, and she has referred him as “racist,” a “misogynist,” a “bully,” and a “creep” who is just entertaining the crowds with his theatrics and stunts.

Cher, an overt Democrat supporter, even went to the extent of comparing Trump with the blood-thirsty vampire Dracula. In fact, according to Cher, Donald Trump as a president is no different from the vampire who is in charge of the blood bank.

A surprising fact about Cher is that she is connected to Twitter all the time. While many people in show business use Twitter to promote their upcoming projects, Cher uses the social media platform as her favorite online destination, and a recent incident on the set of an American talk show went some way towards proving it.

The Daily Mail reported that Susan Sarandon appeared on Watch What Happens Live, a talk show presented by Andy Cohen, to promote her upcoming project when she commented on her experience working alongside Cher on the sets of The Witches of Eastwick: a comedy-fantasy film based on three modern-day women, which co-starred Susan Sarandon and Cher.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show actress revealed that Cher would find a way to out of working on scenes if she didn’t have a lot of lines. In essence, Sarandon accused Cher of avoiding scenes in which she did not have plenty of dialogue and in which the attention was on co-stars Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. Cher came to know about Susan’s comments, and she immediately tweeted:

“Don’t believe Susan would say, I said “I have a hard time being in a scene that’s not about me” 1st its not true. & 2nd I love Susan.”

The fact that Cher went to the extent of saying that she loves Sarandon despite what she believes to be false comments that had been made helped lighten the situation between the two. Sarandon appreciated that Cher was being a good sport about the situation, calling her “fantastic,” “generous,” and “so funny.”

In the end, Sarandon apologized to Cher for the comment that she had made, explaining that she had highlighted the perception that everybody had regarding Cher during the shooting of the 1987 movie.

Hours after the Cher had tweeted her disappointment; Susan tweeted her love for the diva and cleared the misunderstanding by tweeting a message that was full of regret.

“So much love & respect 4U. Devastated was taken as anything else”

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