Kanye West Bodyguard Claims He Is ‘Ten Times Worse’ Than You Think

Kanye West

Kanye West is famed for having a high opinion of himself. West is the man who told the Glastonbury festival crowd that they were watching the “world’s greatest rock star.” Kanye has described himself as the greatest living artist, and he took to Twitter to ask Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in Kanye West. In a recent Twitter outburst, even Kanye admitted that his ego has been his greatest enemy.

Kanye may say that his ego is his enemy, but according to a former bodyguard, it seems that West has absolutely no intention of introducing a little humility into his life. Almost unbelievably, it seems that Kanye expects people to stop talking and avert their eyes as he walks by. West seems to truly believe that he is some kind of divine presence.

Bodyguard Steve Stanulis told In Touch magazine about Kanye’s outrageous behavior saying that “It’s unbelievable how disrespectful and self-absorbed” West is.

“I’ve been with a lot of high-end people, but I’ve never worked with somebody like that in my whole life.

“West had a studio full of people when he was dropping the album and I have two off-duty cops there working, talking quietly among the wildness when [Kanye] walks by them and goes, ‘Can you stop talking while I walk by you?’ And they were like, ‘What?’ This is the type of guy you’re dealing with.”

West has a reputation as a narcissistic, egomaniacal diva but according to Stanulis Kanye is “10 times worse than what you see.” At last year’s Glastonbury, West even had the photographers cleared by his security team so that he could allow a crowd of hangers-on to watch his show from there.

According to the New York Daily News, West doesn’t just expect people not to talk as he walks by, it seems that Kanye thinks that he is too important for mere mortals to gaze upon. Stacy Adler is the owner of a catering business that services film, TV, and music video shoots around NYC. Adler claims that, when West walked past, they were told to turn their heads away and not look at him.

It is often claimed that people who are touched by genius are also marked by character flaws. Like many superstars in their field it seems that Kanye needs to constantly be told how great he is. West has a string of critically acclaimed albums under his belt and is forging a name for himself in the fashion business, but it seems that Kanye needs to have his ego stroked. It also seems that no-one is as adept at stroking Kanye’s ego as he is himself.

By constantly reaffirming how great he thinks he is in public, Kanye throws up what is likely to become the biggest obstacle to his continued career. West is making it increasingly more difficult to separate the music from the musician. As West strokes his own ego people, increasingly think “ego” rather than “music” when they hear Kanye’s name.

West is clearly an attention seeker of the highest order and that means that all too often Kanye is written off as no more than a cocky, albeit talented, egomaniac. Kanye’s ego creates a barrier, a wall of noise that obscures his art and his talent. Many people will not listen to Kanye West simply because he is Kanye West, and they are unable to separate the man from the music.

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In many ways, it is West’s claim that he is the “greatest” at anything he touches that will stop Kanye from being the greatest in his chosen field. People may admire West’s talent, but many despise the man. Without winning people’s respect, West will never be a true great, and in many ways that would be a travesty.

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