Tom Cruise Reportedly Moving Into UK Scientology Headquarters While He Films ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

Tom Cruise Scientology The Mummy

Tom Cruise has long been one of the most passionate champions for the controversial Church of Scientology. The Telegraph reports that the actor is moving into the Scientology’s Saint Hill Manor headquarters in East Grinstead, Sussex.

Tom Cruise seems keen to make the religious base a major landmark in Europe and has contributed millions into renovating the property. The news came at a time when Tom Cruise decided to put his £5 million East Grinstead mansion, previously purchased with ex-wife Katie Holmes, on the market for sale.

Aerial photographs of Saint Hill Manor reveal Tom Cruise’s latest renovations to the vast 100-acre estate. The Mission: Impossible actor plans to improve the amenities of the spiritual headquarters by including a spa, a gym, and a high-end restaurant, presumably with the intention of adding to the comfort of the Church’s members. Tom Cruise’s involvement in the renovation has worked like a charm, as he has not only donated his money towards the renovation efforts but also volunteered to seek help from people outside the Scientology community.

And Tom Cruise is making it a point to be thankful to those who have extended their help towards making the church as influential as the Britain’s royal family. Recently, the East Grinstead Rugby Club offered to assist by allowing the Church to use their property for parking contractor trucks and vehicles during the construction work.

It is reported that Tom Cruise was so appreciative of Phil Major, the club director, that he personally invited the director to attend the Scientology community’s annual gala which featured bottomless champagne and excellent food. The Telegraph reported that Phil Major found Tom Cruise to be pristine, intense, and extremely immaculate in the way he dressed, walked, and talked. While the Scientology conference focused on topics that criticized psychologists, drugs, and medicine, Tom Cruise managed to make Phil Major feel comfortable by talking about sports.

Tom Cruise might have made the Scientology headquarters his base in the UK, but he will be missing his nine-year-old daughter Suri Cruise, who recently stopped taking guitar lessons from her music teacher because of “creative differences” with her guitar teacher.

It seems that, in the absence of Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise will have to continue pursuing her interests in arts, music, and crafts along with her mother, Katie Holmes, who split from Tom Cruise in 2012. In fact, it has been reported by Movie News Guide that Suri Cruise loves to get involved in arts and craft projects and that Katie Holmes decorates their house with Suri’s creative endeavors.

However, even though Suri Cruise has stopped taking guitar lessons, she is open to pursuing other interests in different types of arts, crafts, and music. And it seems that she has taken after Tom Cruise with respect to her penchant for Broadway musicals. Movie News Guide reported that Suri Cruise accompanied her mother to watch Broadway’s School of Rock: the Musical and was lucky enough to meet the cast backstage after the show.

Tom Cruise’s activities in the UK might prevent him from spending quality time with Suri Cruise, however, the evergreen Tom Cruise is planning on making the most of his UK base to fulfill his professional commitments. The Daily Mail reported that Tom Cruise has geared up for the shooting of The Mummy reboot, which has begun filming in Oxford, England.

The movie will show the 53-year-old Tom Cruise starring alongside Annabelle Wallis as the pair prepare to battle an angry mummy, who will be seen wreaking havoc in the upcoming Mummy sequel.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]