Woman Allegedly Beat Up Husband Over ‘Wrong’ Mother’s Day Gifts

A Florida woman is facing a simple domestic battery charge, a misdemeanor, after allegedly punching her husband for getting the “wrong” flowers and candy on Mother’s Day, according to local cops.

The unhappy Mother’s Day incident allegedly occurred in the Sarasota area.

“Investigators allege that Virginia Stewart, 42, attacked her spouse during an argument early Sunday in their family’s Holmes Beach residence. Cops arrived at the house in response to a 911 hangup call,” The Smoking Gun reported.

According to the police probable cause affidavit, the couple had been arguing from Saturday night into Sunday morning, which culminated in the suspect allegedly slugging her spouse with her fists and with a coat hanger.

“The defendant entered into a domestic-related argument with the victim (spouse) concerning the defendant’s child and the victim getting her the wrong flowers and candy for Mother’s Day,” the affidavit detailed.

The victim suffered bruises and contusions to the left side of his face, which cops indicated were “highly visible.”

“Never forget how seriously some moms take Mother’s Day…We’re not sure what kind of flowers and candy he gave her, or what she specifically wanted. Is there a ‘wrong’ kind of flowers or candy? Or just a ‘crappy’ kind? Anyway, her expectations clearly didn’t line up with reality. Because she was FURIOUS,” 106.9 MoreFM quipped.

“I mean. CAN you go wrong with flowers and candy?! I guess so,” added WQBE FM, about the Mother’s Day beatdown in Florida.

Mother's Day gifts [image via Shutterstock]The suspect was arrested Sunday morning and booked into the Manatee County jail.

Stewart was subsequently “released from custody Monday after posting $750 bond,” The Smoking Gun noted.

She is due back in court on June 9. Stewart is also subject to a court order that requires her to have no contact with her husband until a further ruling by a judge.


In a separate incident on Mother’s Day, a massive melee broke out in an Atlanta-area steakhouse when customers and employees apparently got into a beef. The WWE-style hardcore brawl on Sunday evening occurred at the crowded restaurant, and cell phone footage of the incident quickly went viral. Police are currently on the lookout for five suspects who are alleged to have been involved in the Mother’s Day altercation.

Last year, cell phone cameras captured a Mother’s Day brawl in a Columbus, Georgia, Red Lobster restaurant, when two families got into a physical confrontation that may have been prompted by a past incident. To make matters worse, the alleged victim of the assault apparently was holding a toddler in her arms when the violence started, but fortunately the child was unharmed. Cops arrested four suspects.

On Valentine’s Day 2016, an Ohio woman was reportedly so disappointed that her husband failed to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift that she struck him in the head with a mini baseball bat. Evidently adult beverages may have been involved, given that the woman allegedly recorded a 0.221 on a breathalyzer test after admitting that she had been drinking. The husband declined any medical treatment for his injuries. Authorities charged the wife with felonious assault and domestic violence.

“Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry can all make fine Mother’s Day gifts. But let’s face it: Some moms aren’t big fans of any of the above—especially when they’re purchased out of a sense of obligation—and some kids and spouses may not have time or the budget to make mom’s dream gift a reality,” Money magazine explained. The publication suggests inexpensive alternatives like cleaning mom’s car thoroughly, presenting her with a thoughtful gift card, digitizing her old photographs, downloading more e-books to mom’s Kindle, or scheduling a family outing that fits with one of mom’s interests.

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