‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Approaches Steffy, And Ridge Waits To Hear From Caroline About Thomas And Douglas

'Bold and Beautiful' star Rena Sofer

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Friday’s episode brings a confrontation that fans will not want to miss. Steffy and Quinn have not crossed paths with one another since the truth about Liam emerged, but that is about to change. Teasers indicate that there is also more action on the way regarding Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge, and it sounds like tensions will be running high during this May 13 show.

As viewers saw on Thursday’s episode, Thomas and Caroline had a very emotional and in-depth conversation about their complex situation. Thomas was stunned and heartbroken to learn that not only is he Douglas’ biological father, but also that both Caroline and Ridge knew and intentionally lied to him all this time. He took the baby and headed up to a cabin, but he quickly got in touch with Caroline and asked her to meet with him.

Thomas very much wants to raise Douglas, but Caroline stood by her decision to say that Ridge was the father and she was insistent that things should stay as they already are. After a lot of discussion, Thomas agreed to keep the truth to himself, as long as Caroline promised that he would always have a role in his son’s life. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that during Friday’s show, Ridge will be anxiously waiting to get an update from his wife.

Ridge has been quite assertive throughout this situation, insisting that he will remain Douglas’ father regardless of what Thomas thinks. Despite all of that bravado, he will surely be relieved when he does hear from his wife that there will not be a big battle over the baby. He may be able to relax a bit on this front, but as Soap Central details, a new battle with Rick over Forrester Creations is on the way and this one could get ugly.

Rick continues to rage about Ridge’s involvement in Forrester Creations, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that soon Rick and Katie will join forces and develop a plan. Will the issue of Douglas’ true paternity factor into this battle at all? Rick will be determined to reclaim what he believes is his, but teasers detail that this move could bring significant problems for Katie in her relationship with Bill.

Friday’s episode also brings a long-awaited confrontation between Quinn and Steffy. These two have not seen one another since Liam returned home, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that this should be quite the encounter. Quinn remains in deep denial over the reality of her relationship with Liam while Steffy is struggling to let go of her former love and commit to her marriage to Wyatt.

Quinn orchestrated all of this chaos, so viewers will be curious to see how these two cross paths and what they say. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will be appalled and Quinn’s appearance will be unwelcome, so fans may get to see a much tougher Steffy than they’ve had of late. The buzz is that Steffy will quickly call for help and this will lead to trouble for her mother-in-law.

Where are things headed in the coming week? Nicole will go into labor and Zende will be right by her side. The two realize they want to give their relationship another shot, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that their happiness will be short-lived as Sasha will be revealing that she is pregnant. SheKnows Soaps shares that Quinn will be arrested soon and Brooke will be causing more issues between Katie and Bill.

How does the run-in between Quinn and Steffy play out? Will Caroline convince Ridge to keep Thomas involved in Douglas’ life? What kind of plan will Rick put together to reclaim Forrester Creations? There is plenty more drama on the way, and The Bold and the Beautiful fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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