Kim Kardashian Divorce: New Report Claims Kim Meeting With Divorce Lawyer, Already Having Papers Drawn Up

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly heading for divorce

Kim Kardashian is reportedly moving forward with plans to divorce Kanye West with a report that Kim has already met with divorce lawyers and had papers drawn up.

The celebrity couple has been the center of divorce rumors for several months now, with increasing reports that fighting, jealousy, and Kanye’s unhinged behavior is leading to a split. Now those rumors are culminating with a new report claiming that the wheels are already in motion.

In Touch magazine cited a source close to the couple who claimed that Kim Kardashian has her mind set on divorce.

“Kim has consulted with divorce lawyers and is close to having papers drawn up,” the source said (via Celeb Dirty Laundry).

There are other reports claiming that Kim Kardashian is headed for divorce. The British tabloid Heat cited celebrity biographer Ian Halperin, who called the couple a “ticking time bomb” due to Kanye’s controlling nature.

“You only have to look at him styling Kim on the red carpet at the Met Gala to see he calls the shots,” he said. “Kanye is a Svengali figure, he’s in control, but in some ways Kim doesn’t mind.”

Halperin said the two do love each other but called it a “marriage of convenience” and predicted that they would be split within two or three years.

There have been other reports claiming that it’s Kanye West pulling the plug on the marriage and that he was planning to do so around the time of the couple’s second wedding anniversary in May.

“Kanye has had enough, and he is going to dump her on their second anniversary in May,” the source told In Touch magazine (via Hollywood Life). “Kim will be mortified; it will be the ultimate humiliation for her. There’s no turning back now. It’s ironic: they each went into this thinking they were going to get exactly what they wanted — and to an extent they did — but then it all backfired, big time. His decision to dump her is going to sting. Kim has been humiliated many times in the past, but nothing will top this. I don’t know if she will ever recover from it.”

But many have pushed back against the Kim Kardashian divorce rumors, noting that the couple has been surrounded by rumors for years now and shows no signs of splitting up anytime soon.

There is plenty of doubt about the latest story claiming Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are headed for divorce. Gossip Cop noted that In Touch has been pushing Kimye divorce rumors for more than two years now, and so far has been off the mark with the reports. The report noted that In Touch’s source, bodyguard Steve Stanulis, isn’t as close to the couple as he’s claiming.

“Stanulis worked for Kardashian and West only on two separate occasions, as temporary extra hired muscle for special events,” the report noted. “He was not privy to the couple’s relationship over an extended time, and West’s camp has already denied that he was an employee that was ‘fired,’ as he had sensationally and wrongly claimed.”

The report added that In Touch isn’t interested in getting an accurate story but instead moved forward with printing the rumor and used Stanulis as an attempt to gain credibility.

Celeb Dirty Laundry also speculated that Kim Kardashian would never jeopardize her multi-million dollar reality show empire by breaking up her marriage.

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And if Kim Kardashian is really headed for divorce, she has shown no signs of it publicly. The reality show star has shared a number of pictures online of the couple together looking very much in love, and they continue to make public appearances together including the recent Met Gala.

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