Jim Cornette Hits Ryback Over Contract: ‘You F***ing Moron’

Jim Cornette is not one to side with WWE.

Often critical of the product, Vince McMahon, and WWE VP Kevin Dunn, one might think on the surface that Ryback would have an ally in his contract dispute with the sports entertainment company.

However, Cornette was having none of it on the latest episode of his MLW podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience.

Image of Jim Cornette via YouTube, Kayfabe Commentaries

Cornette led off by saying that “almost always” he takes the side of talent in contract negotiations with WWE, but Ryback stepped over the line when he said that all the talent should get paid the same since the winners couldn’t win if the losers didn’t agree to do the job.

Cornette characterized that point as stupid and then launched into one of his trademark, expletive-filled tirades.

“Under that logic, all the Indians that John Wayne shot off their horses should be getting paid the same for the movie. All the (expletive) terrorists that Bruce Willis killed in the (expletive) Die Hard movies should get paid the same amount of money as Bruce Willis. All the (expletive) stuntmen in the movies that the Rock makes should be getting paid the same as the Rock does. Has he done too much HGH? Has he shot too much (expletive) steroids in his (expletive) noggin?”

To be fair to Ryback, he has often received criticism for abusing substances due to his bulky look, but to date, he has never failed a drug test.

Further on in the rant, Jim Cornette criticized Ryback’s work, calling up the CM Punk criticism of “the Big Guy” being too dangerous to work with and then criticizing him for “not thinking the right way about the wrestling business.”

Returning to the thought of equal pay, Cornette assailed Ryback for legitimately believing that winners and losers should be paid the same because everyone has a hand in getting someone over with fans.

“No,” Cornette corrected, “the stars get over motherf***er, and you’re not a star. In any sport, in any entertainment, in any walk of life, the stars — the people that draw the money and sell the tickets — get paid more and the underneath guys get paid less. There’s a reason I don’t get all the Brad Pitt movie roles. It’s because I don’t look like Brad Pitt, you f***ing moron.”

Jim Cornette would probably still be working for WWE today if he wasn’t as outspoken as he is. Many consider him to have one of the best professional wrestling minds in the industry.

However, his tell-it-like-it-is approach has put him sideways of a number of people over the years. Aside from the McMahon family, he has a rough relationship with Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Owens, and a number of other talents both in and behind the scenes.

With this latest rant, it appears that he can add Ryback to the mix. On the Big Guy’s side, he has yet to respond to the Jim Cornette Experience rant, nor is he likely to judging by the tone of the Tumblr post in which he pulled back the curtain on his failing contract negotiations with WWE and issued the statements of which Cornette was so critical.

In that elongated message, Ryback expressed a desire to accept whatever became of the negotiation and move on.

“I have many other interests and passions and have been very smart with my finances over the years,” he said. “I thank every WWE superstar from top to bottom for their sacrifices and for working with me. The world is an amazing place and there is more than just a WWE universe (sic) there is The Universe and I will prove one way or another over time I am the greatest big guy in the universe.”

What do you think, readers? Does Jim Cornette have it right about Ryback? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via WWE]