Hillary Clinton Benefited From Alleged Voter Fraud In Several 2016 Democratic Primaries? Voters Sue NY Board Of Elections

Hillary Clinton has the lead in the 2016 Democrat primaries, but some New Yorkers think they know why. According to Heavy, over 200 primary voters are filing a joint lawsuit against the New York State Board of Elections, saying they were denied the right to vote in the recent primary. Most were denied because someone changed the party affiliation on their voter registration cards to Independent instead of Democrat. Other voters alleged their registration had been canceled completely.

Bernie Sanders voters in Arizona can sympathize. Phoenix voters waited in line for over four hours due to nearly three-quarters of the usual polling places being closed for this year’s primaries. According to the Huffington Post, when they finally reached the end of the line, they were told they were ineligible to vote in the Democratic primary because their voter registration showed the wrong party affiliation.


Voter fraud is definitely suspected though not attributed to Hillary Clinton in any way. The culprits are so far unknown, and multiple individuals or groups are likely involved due to the widespread evidence and use of multiple methods of fraud across many states. It is highly unlikely any one individual could have done this with at least some help from Board of Elections insiders. New York City comptroller Scott Stringer told NBC News his office would investigate policies at New York City’s Board of Elections amid the controversy. Over 125,000 Democratic voters were purged from the rolls in Brooklyn, and that is just one of many “glitches.” Brooklyn is Bernie Sander’s home community.

Hillary Clinton is not being sued and has not been connected to wrongdoing. Instead, the New York State Board of Elections is being held accountable. The case is called Campanello et al v. New York State Board of Elections et al. While no one is attaching any blame to Mrs. Clinton, the problem does seem to be designed to advantage her, and it is more widespread than just New York. So far, nothing substantial has been done about Arizona or any other state that experienced irregularities.

Voter fraud in New York is being investigated. There has been an audit of the New York Board of Elections. Stewart McCauley, who collected and analyzed information for Exhibit I of the lawsuit, filed by Election Justice USA has found evidence in four major areas, as reported by Counterpunch.

“‘There are four broad methodologies that were used’ to disenfranchise New York voters, the first two of which were also present in Arizona. Two by hackers (possibly), and two that had to have been carried out by BoE [Board of Elections] officials and/or employees:

1) Logging in (most likely after identifying the voter’s candidate of choice) to the BoE database remotely and tampering with registration records, including back-dating of changes

2) Crudely forged hand signatures to alter party affiliation via paper forms

3) BoE “nuclear” approach: actively purging eligible voters through a variety of methods, including intentional bouncing of maintenance letters (but note that the majority of our respondents/plaintiffs could not legally be removed as it has been less than five years since they registered)

4) BoE officials and employees actively neglecting to register new voters”


Hillary Clinton enjoyed the rewards of this untoward approach to elections, but there is no evidence she was complicit or had any knowledge of the cheating. Since there has been little official investigation yet, no one knows who did this, how or why, only that voter fraud and seemingly unexplained ‘glitches’ have been occurring throughout the country in the 2016 Democratic Primaries. A source on Anonymous News gave a hint as to how easy it would be to change voter registration data.

“People don’t fully understand just how easy it is to write a database script to modify large sets of data in a matter of seconds or less.”

Hillary Clinton enjoys favor with TV news sources who have not substantially covered this story outside of New York, but several online newsgroups and numerous local print publications are speaking out and have gathered evidence. In a vast array of various circumstances, publications throughout the country are printing allegations the 2016 Democratic Primaries are being subverted by someone favoring Hillary though not necessarily anyone directly connected to Mrs. Clinton.

Voter fraud suspicions among Americans are common despite the mystery surrounding how it is accomplished. The Hill reports that 66 percent of Americans believe our election system is broken.

In Arizona

Hillary Clinton benefitted from the mail-in votes of the elderly in a near shutdown of the election process. Maricopa County normally has 200 polling places but reduced that number to 60 for what has been the most compelling election year ever. As a result of long lines and misfiled voter registrations, less than 33,000 of 800,000 voters from Phoenix and the surrounding area voted in the primaries.

Bernie Sanders was hurt by the voter fraud far more than Hillary Clinton. The Huffington Post reports how low turnout favored Clinton because it gave more power to mail-in ballots. While only 7 percent of early voter mail-in ballots were from voters under 30-years-old, 41 percent of those early voters were over 65-years-old. Hillary polls best with retired people while Bernie is favored by the young who don’t tend to vote early or by mail.

Hillary Clinton Average Rally Crowd by Joe Raedle r
Hillary Clinton Average Rally Crowd [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Bernie Sanders rally crowd by Scott Eisen c
Bernie Sanders average rally crowd [Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]

In Iowa

The Des Moines Register article quoted by the Huffington Post provided a first-hand account of the scene.

“The results were too close not to do a complete audit of results…too many questions have been raised. Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems. Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos.”

The Bernie Sanders campaign requested a review, but the Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman simply said no.

2016 Democratic Primaries In The South

Hillary Clinton experienced sweeping wins in the Southern Democratic primaries, but are her wins legitimate? Richard Charnin, who has tracked for potential electronic voter fraud since 2004, discovered some shocking dependencies. Exit polls simply did not match up with primary election vote counts. Exit polls generally have a two or three percent margin of error, but in Georgia, the polls missed the vote count by 12.2 percent. In Alabama, the exit polls were off by 14 percent. Tennessee exit polls varied by 8.3 percent from the final vote count. Texas was off by 9.3, and Mississippi by 9.9. Each time, polls showed a higher percentage for Sanders in exit polls than votes, while Clinton was credited with more votes than exit polls indicated.

Hillary Clinton won in the south to be sure. Even exit polls show she had the lead, but these states still gave extra delegates to Hillary that according to exit polls might have belonged to Bernie Sanders. In a close race that will likely be determined by superdelegate party insiders, every assigned delegate counts, especially for Sanders.

In Ohio, Massachusetts and New York

Hillary Clinton’s wins in these states did not match exit polls either, according to expert Richard Charnin’s research. New York’s exit poll was off by 11.6 percent. Massachusetts was off by 8 percent and Ohio by 10 percent.

Hillary Clinton supporters in any given city can pack a room to be sure, provided it is a small room. Most of her campaign rallies consist of less than 1,000 people. Meanwhile, Bernie packs stadiums with tens of thousands of people, while tens of thousands more are left to wait outside. How is it that such a popular candidate is losing to someone with a negative approval rating? Widespread voter fraud is now indicated, but so far, New York voters are the only ones being represented and the New York Board of Elections is the only one being held accountable so far.

Hillary Clinton is not indicated as responsible for voter fraud, however, it seems the fraud was done to advantage her in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

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