Gordon Ramsay To Be A Dad Again

Gordon Ramsay is set to be a dad again. The 49-year-old British chef and his wife Tana, 41, are expecting their fifth child, according to Daily Mail. The Hell’s Kitchen star broke the news the other night during an appearance on The Late Late Show. Ramsay was talking with the show’s host, James Corden, about his children. “We have three girls and a boy,” he said, and then paused for a second before announcing, “…and one more on the way.” The Ramsays currently have four children, 17-year-old Megan, 16-year-old twins Holly and Jack, and 14-year-old Matilda.

According to Ramsay, Tana is coping well with the pregnancy so far and is looking forward to meeting the new baby. The new addition to their family will arrive next year when the couple will be celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary. Gordon and Tana have been married since 1996, and have planned on renewing their wedding vows when they find time. This year, the Ramsays will also be celebrating Gordon’s 50th birthday and their eldest daughter, Megan’s 18th birthday.

And, at one point in the show, Ramsay implied that he would want the new baby to be a boy.

“I’m nervous. I’m just worried, obviously I’d be happy with another girl but four girls… four weddings… four Sweet 16s… four boyfriends.”

Ramsay also revealed that he does not want his daughters to start dating just yet. He said that he wants his girls to wait until they’re 21 before they start dating. Ironically, Tana met Gorden when she was just 18.

The Ramsays
The Ramsays are close friends with David and Victoria Beckham, who have four children of their own. Ramsay has revealed in a recent interview with Daily Mail that he and David often discuss parenting. “David and I bounce ideas off each other. We want our kids to be independent, but not give them too much too soon,” he says in the interview. He also reveals a bit of his parenting philosophy.

“We try to keep them normal and grounded. We know that LA and London are both as adventurous, both as dangerous. We know damn well that kids can be within an arm’s reach of drugs in ten minutes in both cities. But it’s about teaching them to resist temptation and instilling a passion. That’s why we enrol them in all kinds of sports. Tennis, hockey, rugby, swimming, riding…”

Ramsay isn’t the only high profile chef expecting a fifth child this year. His colleague Jamie Oliver, and wife Juliette Norton, are also expecting their fifth child. Interestingly, in September 2006, Gordon Ramsay was named the most influential person in the U.K. hospitality industry in the annual CatererSearch 100 list, published by Caterer and Hotelkeeper. He had overtaken Jamie Oliver, who was at the top of the list in 2005. Oliver, 40, and his wife Jules, 41, also have three girls: Poppy Honey, 14; Daisy Boo, 12; and Petal Blossom, 6. And, they have a 5-year-old boy, Buddy Bear. The Olivers have been together since 1993 and have been married for almost 16 years. They will be welcoming their fifth child in July with the Ramsays not far behind with their fifth.

It almost seems like Gordon Ramsay doesn’t want to be bested at anything by Jamie Oliver.

[Photo by Wong Maye-E/AP Images]