Drake ‘Views’ Is Garbage? ‘Billboard’ Results Say Differently

Drake 'Views' Is Garbage - Billboard Results Say Differently

Drake’s Views continues to break records. While various listeners state that it’s a “masterpiece” while others say it’s “trash,” Billboard reports that Drizzy has reached an unprecedented level.

Drake’s Views album has received a multitude of mixed reviews. Accordingly, Drizzy’s album was set to be the cornerstone for 2016 as the most anticipated project of the year. Once the album released, many people claimed that Drake didn’t drop enough “bangers” on Views for their taste.

But didn’t Drake just give a mixtape full of bangers via What a Time to Be Alive (WATTBA)? Apparently, that’s not the angle Drake wanted for Views. For the most part, some listeners and critics feel that Mr. Aubrey Graham came “too soft” on the album. However, for every project release, there are going to be haters, right? For the record, there were also naysayers to Drake’s WATTBA project with Future.

According to Billboard, Drake’s Views album is everything but “garbage.” The source mentions that Drizzy has reached a distance of no other artist. In one week, Drake has managed to shatter records set by the Beatles. In 1964, the Beatles had 14 songs topping the Billboard 100 list during the same week.

It seems that Drake’s songs have surpassed their triumph. To be frank, Drizzy’s Views album — nearly each song, individually — made the Billboard 100 list for one week’s placement. Minus two songs, the rest of the album is on the list. However, though Drake’s Views was 20-tracks long, he actually has 20 tracks on the “100” list. The other two — “Summer Sixteen” and “Work” — just weren’t on his new project release.

Of course there’s speculation over why Drake’s album ranked so well. Many think it’s due to the streaming numbers of “One Dance.” However, obviously, it’s far more than “One Dance” and its number of plays. Drake’s Billboard numbers don’t lie. According to the source, Drizzy’s song rankings are as follows.

  • No. 1, “One Dance,” feat. WizKid & Kyla
  • No. 6, “Work,” Rihanna feat. Drake
  • No. 21, “Pop Style,” feat. The Throne
  • No. 33, “Hype”
  • No. 34, “Controlla”
  • No. 38, “Grammys,” feat. Future
  • No. 40, “Still Here”
  • No. 44, “U With Me?”
  • No. 45, “9”
  • No. 47, “With You,” feat. PartyNextDoor
  • No. 49, “Childs Play”
  • No. 52, “Too Good,” feat. Rihanna
  • No. 53, “Feel No Ways”
  • No. 54, “Weston Road Flows”
  • No. 61, “Redemption”
  • No. 68, “Keep the Family Close”
  • No. 72, “Faithful,” feat. Pimp C & dvsn
  • No. 75, “Fire & Desire”
  • No. 86, “Views”
  • No. 89, “Summer Sixteen”

Some of Drake’s songs have held positions on the Billboard 100 for longer time. For instance, “Summer Sixteen” was at the 73rd position. However, it has moved to the 89th. Likewise, “One Dance” was ranked second. Yet, given all the streams it acquired — which has been the aforementioned speculation — it’s now holding the first position from the album.

Drake’s “One Dance” song even made a debut on Ellen. How’s that for Views promotion across musical demographics, right? You can see Drake’s promo in the video below.

Also, Drake and Rihanna’s “Work” has been holding down the sixth position, consistently. As well, “Pop Style” was once at position 40. Although, now, it’s ranked 21 from Views.

Everything else on the list is brand new. As mentioned, it’s practically Drake’s Views album, minus two songs.

According to the source, Drake’s Views album’s songs were streamed 245.1 million times after release. And that was just for Apple Music plays. On May 6, other venues became available — such as Spotify and other media. Also, Drake released Views onto compact disc. So, for those listeners who preferred the hard copy, the album was theirs for the purchase.

The source also mentions that, last year, Drake had 14 concurrent songs on Billboard‘s 100 list as well. These songs came from Drake’s mixtapes: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (IYRTITL) and WATTBA.

As it appears, Drake’s Views album is doing far better than the down-trot that people are promoting. The Billboard 100 has a new standard in place now. Who do you think will have the next album to surpass such a record. Who’s going to topple Drake’s concurrent Views reign? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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