Even Rush Limbaugh Thinks Todd Akin’s Comments Were ‘Stupid’

No one expected anyone (except maybe Kirk Cameron) to support Todd Akin following his controversial comments on “legitimate rape,” and, despite controversial flare all his own, even conservative shock-jock Rush Limbaugh is calling for Akin to drop his Senate bid.

Rush Limbaugh joined the rising chorus of conservative voices urging Todd Akin to withdraw from his Senate race on Tuesday, calling the Missouri congressman’s now-infamous (and scientifically inaccurate) comments about rape “stupid.”

In case you missed it, Todd Akin severely jeopardized his challenge to Senator Clare McCaskill’s Senate seat over the weekend when he attempted to explain his anti-abortion stance. In the train-wreck gaffe, Akin said that pregnancy from rape is “really rare” and added, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Since then, our culture has finally experienced true bipartisanship as both conservatives and liberals have unanimously called for Akin to step down.

Limbaugh sounded off on the issue Tuesday, though his comments had less of a moral point and were more about saving GOP face.

“This was an absolutely ridiculous thing to say, to start qualifying rape in any way, legitimate —I know he apologized for it, but it’s still an indication that there’s more there that could potentially bubble up and be harmful,” he said.

Limbaugh believes that GOP control over the House and Senate after the election crucial to our country and said that Akin would only be a stumbling block.

“I don’t want a Joe Biden on our side,” Limbaugh remarked. “We don’t need any unforced errors.”

Of course, Akin has vowed to stay in the race, content to let the voters decide his fate. Who knows. Maybe Akin is a smart guy, and maybe he does have some good ideas, but, no matter what he does, so long as he holds office, he’ll never shake off this gaffe. Maybe it’s in his own best interest to drop out.

Here’s the audio of Rush Limbaugh calling Todd Akin’s comments “stupid”: