Ted Nugent Shares Video Of Bernie Sanders ‘Shooting’ Hillary Clinton, Calls Clinton A ‘B***h’

Ted Nugent Shares Video Of Bernie Sanders Shooting And Killing Hillary Clinton

Ted Nugent just shared his vision of how he’d like the Democratic presidential race play out, and it’s violent and bloody. In Nugent’s fantasy, a candidate must prove that he or she is the biggest supporter of the Second Amendment by bringing a gun to a debate and shooting their opponents.

Ted Nugent is a board member of the NRA, and it’s certainly no secret that the musician strongly believes in his right to bear arms. Apparently, Nugent also thinks that presidential candidates should be allowed to pack heat during debates, and the most effective way for them to sway voters is by blasting their opponents in the chest. According to MSNBC, Ted Nugent recently shared a digitally edited video of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders pulling out a handgun and shooting Hillary Clinton during an exchange about gun laws in Vermont. In the short YouTube video, animated blood spurts out of Clinton’s chest before she falls to the ground. She’s talking about how many people are killed by guns every day (an average of 90) when she gets shot.

“Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in debate on Vermont gun laws,” the video is titled. Its description reads, “Bernie Sanders absolutely killed Hillary over this issue.”

Ted Nugent shared the video in a May 10 Facebook post. According to the Motor City Madman, it was his response to Clinton’s stance on gun control.

“I got your guncontrol [sic] right here b***h!” Nugent wrote.

Ted Nugent Fantasizes About Hillary Clinton Being Shot

Obviously, if Bernie Sanders were to shoot Hillary Clinton in the chest on stage in front of millions of people, this would be an argument for gun control, not against it. However, Ted Nugent likes to use violent imagery to let his fans know where he stands on certain issues and how he feels about certain people, and this isn’t the first time he’s had Hillary in his crosshairs. In fact, he’s fantasized about the former secretary of State dying before. According to the New York Daily News, Nugent called for Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama to be “tried for treason & hung” for their responses to the Benghazi terror attack. This was Nugent’s response to seeing the Michael Bay movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Ted Nugent is scheduled to speak at the NRA’s annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky, later this month, and the NRA website makes it clear that he’s going to bring up Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during his speech titled “Do or Die for America and Freedom.”

“The Obama/Clinton liberal Democrat gang is maniacal in their attack on all things individual rights, truth, logic, commonsense and The American Way,” the description of his presentation reads. “Are there enough of us willing to do battle with these evil forces? We can and we must win this one.”

Ted Nugent has a history of making controversial comments at NRA events. According to CNN, the outspoken rocker was investigated by the Secret Service after he insinuated that he would give up his life or his freedom to assassinate Barack Obama.

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” the “Jailbait” singer said at the 2012 NRA Convention.

At a 2007 concert, Ted Nugent shared another very disturbing fantasy involving Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and machine guns. During that rant, he held up two weapons and claimed that he had already threatened the life of the future POTUS.

“Obama, he’s a piece of s**t. I told him to suck on my machine gun,” Nugent said, according to Rolling Stone. “Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b***h.”

Death is also a common theme in Ted Nugent’s Facebook posts about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In a 2014 Facebook post, Nugent called for less restrictive gun laws or the “evil carcasses” of a list of politicians that included Obama, Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg. As reported by Media Matters, Nugent was trying to get his fans to donate money to John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC). Lott believes that more guns equal less crime, but the economist has been accused of manipulating data to support this view.

“Make a donatoin [sic] to the CRIME PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER to destroy the Obama/Holder/Clinton/Schumer/Pilosi [sic]/Boxer/Feinstein/Durbin/Bloomburgh [sic] propaganda jihad against our right to self-defense & TRTKABA,” Nugent wrote. “JOIN THE NRA! Be the best American you can be. Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it.”

While Ted Nugent may take glee in the thought of Bernie Sanders shooting Hillary Clinton in the chest, he’s not “feeling the Bern” — the “Yank Me, Crank Me” singer is likely supporting Donald Trump now that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the GOP presidential race.

“Donald Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you’re going to get in politics,” the Nuge said of the Donald, according to the Daily Beast. However, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee hasn’t started sharing any violent fantasies that end in Hillary Clinton’s death just yet.

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