WWE News: Adam Rose Suspension Comes After Recent Arrest

WWE News: Adam Rose Suspended After Domestic Violence Arrest

After an arrest in Florida for domestic abuse, the WWE extended the current Adam Rose suspension to an indefinite status. The Adam Rose arrest included two charges, one a misdemeanor for domestic battery and the second a felony for tampering with a witness charge. 411mania reported on Wednesday that the WWE said they have zero tolerance for domestic violence.

Interestingly, Rose was already under suspension from the WWE for a wellness violation. While the company does not have to divulge what the drugs were in the system of their talent, Adam went to social media to argue his case. According to Rose, he was suspended for taking Adderall, which a doctor prescribed for ADHD. Adam also said the WWE already knew he was taking the drug before they tested and suspended him anyway.

This was the second Adam Rose suspension for wellness violations, as he also failed a test in 2014, where he was suspended for 30 days. According to Adam, it was important for him to speak out about his wellness suspension. He said that his sister died of a heroin overdose and he has kids himself. He didn’t want his kids to grow up and one day read on the internet that their dad was suspended for drugs and then connect it to their aunt’s death.

Rose then proceeded to publish his doctor’s note online for the world to see. Fox Sports revealed what the doctor’s note said, corroborating Adam’s story, but Rose ended up removing the post completely. It is said that people behind the scenes in the WWE were surprised that Adam came out publicly against his suspension.

While Rose’s reasoning made sense, as far as his family is concerned, Adam has always been a quiet employee and has mostly done everything asked of him with no complaints. All the social media posts on Rose’s account have since been deleted.

Rose started out in the WWE developmental territory. He wrestled in their FCW brand as Leo Kruger, winning the heavyweight title while there. FCW soon became NXT and the WWE changed his name to Adam Rose and made him a Russell-Brand-influenced party boy. He had his own party bus and would come to the ring with an entourage, all dressed in various costumes. Adam even had a giant bunny coming out with him and dancing around the ring.

When Rose moved up to the main roster, the fans did not react as kindly to his gimmick and he soon was de-pushed and became a jobber. This year, Rose was partnered with three other former NXT wrestlers who had fallen to the level of jobbers as well, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel. They called themselves the Social Outcasts and were basically a stable of jobbers who still lost most of their matches.

This is where he was in his career when the Adam Rose suspension came along. Adam was suspended at the same time as another former NXT talent named Konnor, who was part of the tag team known as The Ascension. Like the Adam Rose suspension, Konnor was also suspended for 60 days for his second wellness violation. Konnor’s last suspension came way back in 2010.

Those punishments pale in comparison to the new Adam Rose suspension, which is indefinite. The arrest occurred when Adam was allegedly arguing with his wife about the state of their marriage. Rose allegedly grabbed his wife’s face and pulled it close to yell at her. That was where the domestic battery occurred. He then allegedly took the phone away from her when she called 911, which is where the felony charge occurred.

TMZ reported that Rose is being held without bail until his arraignment. The Adam Rose suspension will last until the case is concluded, and there is a good chance that his WWE career has come to an end.

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