Lisa Marie Presley Allegedly Screamed At Scientology Leader David Miscavige

Lisa Marie Presley yelled at Scientolofy leader David Miscavige

David Miscavige, as the leader of Scientology, is the target of many attacks right now, led by his own father, Ron Miscavige, with his new tell-all book, Ruthless. Now, details of Lisa Marie Presley’s split with the Church of Scientology and her own personal feelings about David Miscavige are surfacing, creating even more questions about Miscavige and his rabid leadership are surfacing.

According to the Inquisitr, the Church of Scientology is in damage control mode after the release of the book Ruthless by Ron Miscavige, who wants to blow the whistle on Scientology and his son, who he portrays as evil and controlling. Ron Miscavige claims that David Miscavige treats people badly, stalks them, and has even harmed his whole family.

Radar Online is reporting that per the book Ruthless by Ron Miscavige, Lisa Marie Presley was not shy about screaming at David Miscavige as she was making her own move away from Scientology. Presley was a close friend of Ron Miscavige, and when he left Scientology in 2012, David Miscavige disallowed the rest of the Miscavige family any communication with Ron Miscavige. This was the final straw for Lisa Marie Presley, who found herself disillusioned with the Church of Scientology.

Lisa Marie Presley went on a rant into the ever-present video cameras Scientology also uses for control at their Florida center.

“How dare you not let your own father talk to his daughters!”

After this message got back to David Miscavige, Ron Miscavige’s daughters showed up in person and verbally attacked Presley.

Denise Miscavige, in particular, was in a rage at Lisa Marie Presley for taking the side of her father, who was then considered an SP or suppressive person against the Church of Scientology. In the book Ruthless, Ron Miscavige laid out the interaction between his daughter and Lisa Marie Presley.

“Denise lashed out at Lisa Marie and stomped around like David does, cursing and gesticulating and slamming her first on the desk.”

A representative for Scientology and David Miscavige denies that any of this ever happened.

Daily Mail explains that one of Lisa Marie Presley’s last acts while still a member of the Church of Scientology was to try to get the Miscavige family back together, but she was unsuccessful. Presley thought it was ludicrous that a religion would force daughters to disown their father, Ron Miscavige, who was grateful for the efforts of Lisa Marie Presley.

“(Presley) was livid at the prospect of my not being able to talk to my daughters and the hypocrisy of the church’s claim that it has no policy of disconnection, yet clearly it was affecting the family of the chairman of the board!”

As a prominent member (now former member) of the Church of Scientology, Lisa Marie Presley had at one time been a close personal friend of Scientology leader David Miscavige, so she thought she might have some pull to intervene on the behalf of Ron Miscavige, but according to the book Ruthless, Presley was wrong.

“She [Presley] and David [Miscavige] had been friends at one time, and she thought perhaps she could help.”

Lisa Marie Presley was raised in the Church of Scientology by her mother, Priscilla Presley. Soon after this confrontation, Lisa Marie Presley left Scientology and has not returned.

Lisa Marie Presley has chosen to no longer speak about the Church of Scientology publicly.

Do you think that the behavior of David Miscavige within the Church of Scientology was the reason Lisa Marie Presley left Scientology?

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