‘Catfish’s’ Nev Schulman And Laura Perlongo Are Pregnant With A Baby Girl

Catfish Nev Schulman

Catfish’s Nev Schulman, the host of the MTV show, broke some pretty exciting news recently. According to the host, he and girlfriend Laura Perlongo are expecting a baby girl.

Schulman took to Facebook to share an essay his girlfriend of seven months Laura Perlongo wrote about being publicly shamed for keeping the pregnancy, due to their short relationship. That said, Schulman put a positive spin on everything and captioned the link with the following.

“There are no words to explain the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father. I’m also wildly in love with this woman and so amazed and impressed with everything she does. Ahhhhhhhh!!!”

In the essay, Schulman’s girlfriend describes the couple as, “We’re part of that ‘lazy’, ‘self-absorbed’ urban millennial generation that does not want to grow up in any traditional sense. I work as a freelance advertising creative, I dress like Silent Bob and stack my clothes on the floor. I run around nonstop until my body physically collapses. I’m a real entitled jerk, or so the media tells me and everyone born after 1980 or whatever.”

She goes on to describe Schulman, and he seems like the opposite, but as she stated earlier still part of “that lazy, self absorbed urban millennial generation.”

“My boyfriend works in TV, dresses earnestly, and hangs all his pants. But he’s as ill-equipped to deal with ‘life situations’ as the rest of us. With the stress of being in the public eye, no move seems like the right move.”

Later on she stated, “Even in my own version of adulthood, I’m a poor excuse for an adult. But did that mean I was supposed to wait until I’m closer to 40 to ‘throw my life away’, as one (mid-thirties) co-worker suggested.”

She weighed the pros and cons of having a baby, but what she was unprepared for were the judgments she received from other people.

“The friends I told seemed to spiral into freak outs about their own lives and baby hypotheticals too. Married or unmarried, most people my age seem to not want kids. And for many very real reasons. The main being that adult life is hard to wrap your head around and growing up looks a lot different now than it did for our parents.”

So, assuming everyone knows who Nev Schulman is, aside from her joking description, who is Laura Perlongo?

According to her Facebook, Perlongo is 30-years-old and is a freelancer in the advertising industry. She currently lives in Brooklyn and goes to Boston University.

Nev’s colleague and fellow Catfish co-host Max Joseph got in on the celebration too.

After the essay went live, Schulman celebrated the news on Instagram as well.

“IT’S A GIRL!???????? No words can capture the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father. I am so in love with you @el_peego and thank you for giving me this incredible gift. You inspire and excite me every day. Big thanks to @arnold_daniel for his beautiful photos and @attndotcom for publishing our story. link in bio????”

Some even congratulated the mom-to-be on her essay:

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]