Toddler Eats Mom’s Meth — Mom Arrested

An admitted meth user has been arrested after her 2-year-old son ate a baggie of her drug of choice, which resulted in him needing medical attention. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 21-year-old Tyler Dauzat was at least responsible in taking her child to the hospital, but she may end up losing custody of her children because of her negligent behavior and dangerous drug habit.

Authorities were alerted to the incident when the Louisiana mom rushed her child to St. Elizabeth Hospital on Sunday. The child was exhibiting “erratic and extreme” behavior, which worried the 21-year-old mother of two. The child was subjected to blood tests and a physical exam, which revealed that he had ingested a large amount of crystal meth. This caused hospital staff to alert the authorities, and for good reason.

ABC News reports that a “significant amount of methamphetamine” was found in the 2-year-old boy’s system, but he fortunately stabilized enough to be relocated to a pediatric unit at a different hospital. While the Louisiana mom was being interrogated by authorities, she at first denied knowing how meth had gotten into her tot’s system, or how the child had even gained access to the illicit drug.

After further interrogation, Tyler Dauzat eventually admitted that she knew where her child had gotten a hold of the meth that was ultimately found in his system. She admitted that she had a “powdered form” of the drug in her purse, which she had left with the toddler unattended in a motel room for an unspecified amount of time. It was during this time that the unnamed child ingested the meth.

This isn’t the first time a child has gotten into their parents’ drug stash, making media headlines. Back in 2010 a child named Sylar Newton vanished from the Rimrock, Arizona, region. Ultimately, the 2-year-old child’s body was located, but not before it was revealed that he may have ingested drugs left around carelessly by his caregivers. Investigators believe that the child never truly wen’t missing after all. In fact, they believe that the child’s mother and maternal grandmother hid him after he died from ingesting the drug Klonopin. Ultimately, the mother of the once-missing tot was given 17 years of imprisonment for her role in his death.

In 2012 a 2-year-old Washington boy died after he ingested crystal meth and drank bong water. The mother of the little boy pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in 2014. However, in March of this year she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty, and was immediately sentenced to just six and a half years of imprisonment. The sentence comes as a shock to people who are aware of the circumstances surrounding the little boy’s death. Toxicology reports have indicated that the 2-year-old had ingested enough meth to overdose an adult.

In this latest case of alleged child neglect, Louisiana mom Tyler Dauzat has been charged with cruelty to juveniles, illegal use of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of a juvenile, negligent injuring, and improper supervision of a minor. She is currently being held in the Ascension Parish Jail on bond totaling $50k.

[Photo via Ascension Parish Jail mugshot]