Vultures Have Started Making Demands On Prince Estate

Prince estate claims made

The estate of Prince has a lot of work ahead, as claims are being made on his estate for things that range from the seemingly legitimate to the absurd. It seems plausible that at the time he died, Prince owed people money, as his death was unexpected, but at this time, vultures are circling, and taking advantage of a situation where a pile of money is available for the taking. Kimberly Felecia Potts is claiming that she is the inspiration for the Prince album Musicology, and says that Prince promised to pay her half a million for inspiring him. Add this to the claims of a family connection to Prince, and new requests are being made every day.

According to the Inquisitr, the sudden death of Prince and the information of his struggles with pain and addiction to the drug Percocet have rocked his fans and shocked the world. There is currently an investigation on the identity of the medical professional who gave Prince access to the opiate for nearly a decade, and potentially contributed to the death of the music superstar.

TMZ is reporting that Kimberly Felecia Potts is making claims to a nice chunk of change from the estate of Prince, and the background story is puzzling to say the least. And Potts is not just talking, she has actually made a creditor’s claim against the estate of Prince for $500k that she says goes back to 2004.

Potts claims that Prince told her that she was the inspiration behind his 2004 album Musicology, and he wanted to pay her the money for serving as his muse. This is raising a number of questions, including why didn’t Prince pay her the money within the last 12 years if this was truly his intention, and is Potts actually just a Prince stalker, in life, and now in death?

Potts was the subject of a 911 call at Paisley Park back in January, the estate where Prince lived, as a result of an intruder alert. Potts, who lives in Alabama, traveled to visit Prince, as she claimed he had invited her there for a job. Potts claims that Prince wanted her to relaunch the website NPG Music Club that was shut down in 2006. The story is breaking, and there is no indication yet whether Potts has a legitimate claim, or if she is truly just a stalker. Other claims on the estate of Prince include those from the music industry who claim that Prince owed them money for recording and concert expenses.

The Mirror says that Kimberly Felecia Potts, who is making the claim of $500k on the estate of Prince, is the same woman who set off the alarm at Paisley Park and wandered into the home of Prince through a side door. Potts claims that Prince approached her with business proposals.

Another claim on the estate of Prince, which if proven valid could be bigger than that of Potts, is being made by Carlin Q. Williams, 39, who claims (and has filed legal papers) that he is the son of Prince and the rightful heir to the entire estate, even ahead of any siblings Prince might have.

Williams’ mother, Marsha Henson, allegedly slept with Prince back in 1976 in Missouri at the Crown Center Hotel. In an affidavit, Henson claims that she had not had sex with anyone in the time before she was with Prince, and not in the months after. Williams has asked for a DNA test to prove that Prince is his father.

Carlin Q. Williams is currently serving time in a Colorado prison for the transportation of firearms, and is waiting to see if his request for a DNA test will be honored. There have been approximately 700 claims to date from people who say that they are half siblings or relatives of Prince.

Harvey Morse or Morse Genealogical Services said that they have been busy sorting through claims on the estate of Prince.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls.”

Morse says that he is looking for actual documentation, and some of the claims of a connection to Prince are bizarre.

“They run the gamut, literally from ‘We lives in the same area so we must be related’, to ‘We have pictures of Prince at our family reunion.'”

The claims will all be evaluated, but claims with actual documentation will be given more weight.

Do you think that most of these people are just trying to pull a con on the Prince estate, or will some be found to be valid?

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