Kate Gosselin Celebrates Sextuplets 12th Birthday, Will They Show It On TV?

It seems like only yesterday that Kate Gosselin and her eight kids — a set of twins and sextuplets — were living in a modest house in Pennsylvania while being filmed by TLC cameras as they did family friendly things like go to the zoo and to Dutch Wonderland. The reality show was Jon and Kate Plus 8, and it made Kate and her then-husband Jon Gosselin into instant TV stars.

Now, Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah, are turning 12, and their proud parents are posting birthday greetings on social media. On May 10, Kate Gosselin took to Twitter to thank her six kids for making her life six times better. Kate also posted a photo of the family’s kitchen table all decked out to celebrate the sextuplet’s big day shortly after her ex-husband, Jon, posted a similar shot of his own table decorated for a birthday celebration.

Birthdays are always a big deal in the Gosselin house. On the supersized family’s reality show and Kate’s subsequent spinoff show, Kate Plus 8, birthdays are often documented by TLC’s crew, including Kate’s special day. Last year, Mama Gosselin jetted off to Mexico to celebrate her big 4-0, but not before enjoying a Mexican-themed fiesta with her eight kids.


While Kate Gosselin has not revealed what the theme was for this year’s bash, last year she decided to have a “progressive” birthday party for the sextuplets. People posted video from a Kate Plus 8 episode that showed the busy mom taking her kids and their friends roller skating and out for pizza before hosting separate boys and girls slumber parties at a hotel. While Kate thought it would be an easy party, it turned out to be just as much work—or maybe more—than every other birthday party she has thrown.

“I think I fooled myself into thinking that this was going to be a low-key party and it meant less work,” Kate said. “Oh no, it wasn’t less work.”

Of course, Kate Gosselin really pulled out all of the stops two years ago for her kids’ 10th birthday party. The sextuplets had an adorable carnival-themed birthday bash for their milestone birthday. Kate coordinated the backyard carnival theme and even dressed up as a clown to surprise her kids. According to Us Weekly, in a TLC interview, Kate said the carnival games were a hit, but she lamented over the results of the “fish game,” which had party guests throwing a ping pong ball into a colored bowl to win a goldfish because her own kids won most of the goldfish.

“I think I have four or five of the fish, and I don’t need any other pets!” Kate said. “I have eight children and now I have a zoo of animals and I do not know how this occurred.”

Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans are used to getting a front row seat to the Gosselin kids’ birthday parties, but it is unclear if they will be invited to the sextuplets’ 12th birthday bash. That’s because TLC has not yet officially renewed Kate Plus 8 for a fifth season. Of course, the fact that Kate Gosselin hasn’t dished too much on how they celebrated makes it seem like maybe she’s saving it for a Kate Plus 8 episode, so stay tuned.



Take a look at the video below see Jon and Kate Gosselin celebrating their kids’ third birthday.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]