‘The Vampire Diaries’ And ‘The Originals’ Could Have A Klaroline Crossover Next Season: Julie Plec Discusses Wishes

For those still disappointed that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals didn’t give anything definite in the way of a Klaroline crossover, there are still hopes. Julie Plec has discussed her hopes for more crossovers next season, and Klaroline could be in the cards.

Klaroline is the ship name given for Klaus and Caroline shipper fans. They loved the chemistry between the two characters and wanted to see more. Unfortunately, Klaus moved to New Orleans for the start of The Originals, while Caroline remained in Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries.

There have been a small number of chances for a crossover between the two characters, and after an initial meeting in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, the next potential crossover was this year. Caroline went to New Orleans, only to find out that Klaus has not been seen for three years. Meanwhile, The Originals saw a phone call between the two, and Klaus clearly still held feelings for Caroline.

The potential of Klaroline even saw the Vampire Diaries ratings increase. People tuned in the week after finding out that Caroline was driving to New Orleans in the hope that they would meet up. When it never happened, they turned away again. Now Plec says that a crossover is possible next year.

Crossovers aren’t done with the ratings in mind, although the showrunner for the two shows does listen to the fans. Plec told TV Line that the crossover with Matt was an organic one. The Mikaelsons needed to be in Mystic Falls, and it made sense for them to run into Matt while there. Fans were not initially happy, and it did not share any insight into Matt’s hatred of vampires — and specifically Stefan — but it was organic for the story telling.

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Caroline has mentioned Klaus since the initial potential Klaroline scenes in The Vampire Diaries. She is still willing to turn to him when there is trouble, even if she is not completely happy about it. Now it turns out that Klaus is missing, and it does open the opportunity for Caroline to go in search for him in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries and Season 4 of The Originals.

The benefit for the two shows is that they are now at different points of time. The Originals never had the three-year shift that The Vampire Diaries did, meaning that a storyline in the parent show would not affect the events in the spinoff. However, it could give too much away for The Originals and would need to be handled carefully.

Plec knows that fans wanted more, and she is willing to bring more. The thing she needs is to find a way to do it so that it makes sense. She is not doing a crossover for the sake of doing a crossover. While she loves the pair together, she says that the chance of Klaus and Caroline actually becoming a pair is not something that will happen right now.

Vampire Diaries fans are currently seeing Caroline choose between Alaric and Stefan. Now that she is marked, she has to go on the run from Alaric and the twins to keep them safe. Stefan has left with her in the same way that Valerie left with Stefan when he was on the run. Caroline clearly does not love Alaric in the same way she loves Stefan, and it looks like the ship Steroline could be back on the cards.

Only time will tell if a Klaroline episode will happen. There are calls for it from the fans, and Vampire Diaries and Originals showrunner Plec says that something is certainly possible next season.

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