Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill And Safaree Samuels Need To Shut Up And Go Away

What do you think about when you hear the name Nicki Minaj? Whilst Minaj may have sold around five million albums worldwide since 2010, the chances are that you know Nicki better for shooting her mouth off on social media than you do for her music. The fact is that Minaj’s career has been in decline since the release of her first album, Pink Friday, back in 2010. Minaj’s two follow-up albums saw lower sales for each release, and it seems that the further Minaj’s sales fall the louder her voice gets.

The simple fact is that no-one talks about Minaj’s music. Go ahead and Google Nicki Minaj; you will find hundreds of recent hits, and every story has a common theme, and that theme is not Nicki’s music. Simply put, Minaj is much more famous for her social media beefs than she is for her music.

The list of those who have been in Minaj’s firing line is virtually endless but People reports that Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Mariah Carey have all felt the sharp end of Nicki’s virtual tongue. That said, it is perhaps Minaj’s former boyfriend Safaree Samuels who holds the number one slot in Nicki’s list of people to hate.

Admittedly, Samuels did poke the beast last year when he needlessly embroiled himself in a beef between Nicki’s current boyfriend Meek Mill and rapper Drake. You may recall that Meek Mill accused rapper Drake of using a ghostwriter, something that is a cardinal sin in the hip-hop world. That spat drew in a host of outsiders who simply needed to say their piece and of course Minaj was one of the chief protagonists.

That beef still rumbles on today, some 12-months later as does Minaj’s beef with Safaree Samuels. Samuels and Minaj dated for over a decade but things took a nasty turn last year. Not only did Samuels boast publicly of his sexual exploits with Minaj, he also claimed that he had helped to write Minaj’s raps as a counter to the accusations Meek Mill threw at Drake.

As the Daily Mail reports the beef between Minaj and Samuels shows no signs of abating after Nicki launched another astonishing attack last night.

Minaj claims that Samuels is suing her “for emotional and physical abuse” as a result of the lifestyle he was forced to live whilst he was in a relationship with her. What is more Minaj seems to believe that Samuels timed his lawsuit to cause her maximum upset, as it was filed just days after Nicki had helped Meek Mill celebrate his birthday.

Minaj states that, two years after her relationship with Samuels ended, “this poor excuse of a man is suing me and claiming to have been physically & emotionally abused. He’s so miserable.” Nicki even went on to claim that Samuels had stolen from her and that he only misses her money.

As reported in the Mirror it is clear that Minaj and Samuels relationship ended bitterly. The idea of love turning to hate is certainly not unique to Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels. What is perhaps unique is that Minaj feels that is perfectly acceptable to play out her private drama to her 20 million Twitter followers.

It is, of course, perfectly understandable that Minaj has lashed out whilst she is feeling hurt and betrayed. That said, it seems pretty sad that Nicki feels the need to air her frustrations publicly. By doing so, Nicki simply adds fuel to the fire and looks to people she doesn’t know to vindicate her actions. As mentioned above, this is hardly the first time that Minaj has lashed out at someone publicly. Perhaps one day Nicki will learn that there is such a thing as a dignified silence.

Until that day arrives, Minaj should learn that she is not being sassy, she is being tiresome. Nicki’s actions serve only to stir up more bitterness and, let’s be honest, no-one wins. Until that day comes Minaj, Samuels and Meek Mill could do us all a big favor by just shutting up.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP]