Jessica Jung: Former Girls’ Generation K-Pop Idol Shows Affection To Sister Krystal While Both Face Losing Popularity

For Jessica Jung, life after So Nyeo Shi Day, better known as Girls’ Generation, has been a tough road to follow. Torn between her ambition to create her fashion line, Blanc & Eclare, to her devotion to her fellow group mates of the most popular K-pop girl group in history, her choice was abruptly made for her when she was “kicked out” of Girls’ Generation. Yet, Jessica still moved forward, improving Blanc & Eclare, modeling for numerous other fashion lines, and even working on a solo album. Even the fact that Jessica Jung’s solo album would be releasing around the same time as Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and possibly Yuri did not deter her.

Through these trials and tribulations, Jessica Jung was able to gain the strength to handle the multitude of haters who still loathe her. Being in such a situation, she is able to empathize with her younger sister Krystal Jung, who is getting a lot of hatred because of her relationship with Kai of EXO. As a result, Jessica is showing affection to Krystal while they both face losing popularity.

Girls' Generation, SM Entertainment

Jessica Jung showed such affection towards her sister during an appearance on a Chinese talk show, as reported by Soompi. On it, Jessica jokingly complimented Krystal’s youth and appearance, especially her facial looks.

“My sister is much prettier. I think it’s better to be young. She’s five years and six months younger than me.

“Soojung (Krystal) takes after our dad and I resemble our mom. We always looked a bit different. Since we did the same work after we [both] debuted, we became closer and are able to communicate well.”

As the interview on the Chinese talk show progressed, Jessica Jung kept pouring the affection on Krystal Jung, talking about many of Krystal’s most admired habits, which include remembering her loved ones (including Jessica) during trips by sending postcards back to family members absent.

It is evident that Jessica Jung truly admires her younger sister, but it is also quite possible she is showing such affection for Krystal Jung because of her current situation. Last month, it was confirmed by SM Entertainment that Krystal was dating Kai of EXO. According to their statement, Krystal and Kai were friends for the longest time but gradually grew into romance. For both Krystal and Kai, the moment they fell in love for each other should be a happy one, but instead, Koreans are showing their disdain for Krystal, disliking her for her relationship. As a result, Krystal is losing popularity.

Numerous Korean netizens took to Korean news outlet Nate to express their criticisms in which most came off as hatred. One netizen claimed he or she hated one of the sisters the most. Another netizen wrote both Jessica and Krystal messed their lives up for a man. Finally, another netizen went as far as to ask the author of the article to re-write it and call the Jung Sisters the “most unlikable sisters.”

Ultimately, Jessica and Krystal will keep moving forward as they fall back on the international K-pop community since the majority of them lack the “privileged elitist” attitude some Korean netizens have. As for what the Jung Sisters are doing now professionally, as mentioned earlier, Jessica is about to release her first solo album. Krystal, on the other hand, has finished up promotions for f(x)’s recent album 4 Walls.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]