Blac Chyna Claims Kardashian Name To Boost Profit, Shades Kylie Jenner, & Plans Reality Show With Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna, the pregnant fiancée of Rob Kardashian, is already keeping up with the Kardashians and even threatening to outpace them. To make the most of her opportunities for profiting from her relationship with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) clan, Chyna secured her claim to a new name, Angela Renee Kardashian, reported Us Weekly.

Rob’s 27-year-old gal pal chose a name that will help her rake in the money from her new Kardashian association while having some resemblance to her real name of Angela Renee White. Chyna filed legal papers that revealed she plans to use her Kardashian name for purposes including celebrity fame, promotions, and advertising.

Rob Kardashian plans his future with Blac Chyna and their soon-to-be-born baby.
Rob Kardashian plans his future with Blac Chyna and their soon-to-be-born baby. [Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Macy's]

In addition, Blac plans to use her new name for “entertainment services, namely, conducting parties.” However, both Chyna and Rob were supposed to make an appearance together at the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s in Atlantic City over the weekend. They never showed up but said that Blac was unwell.

Despite reportedly feeling ill, Chyna was seen going to RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles. Accompanying her was Amber Rose, her best friend. However, with regard to her pregnancy, Blac is “happy,” her spokesperson emphasized.

Chyna has one son, King Cairo, who is 3. His daddy is Tyga, and her ex-boyfriend currently is dating Kylie Jenner, Rob’s little sister.

Jenner and Chyna recently declared what was supposed to be a truce, with Kylie’s older sister Kim Kardashian credited for arranging their pact of peace, according to the New York Daily News.

As for the potential for profit, however, it isn’t from KUWTK necessarily. Rob and Blac are reportedly in the midst of talks to have their own reality TV show, making her new Kardashian name even more useful.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian want their own reality show.
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian want their own reality show. [Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Clear Channel]

So is all peaceful now between Chyna and the Kardashian-Jenner clan? Not according to the speculation among fans that a newly released set of emojis (Chymojis) from Blac includes an image that throws shade at Kylie, noted VH1.

The questionable Chymoji portrays a young girl with pouting lips and perfectly plucked eyebrows. With the clue of those impeccably plump lips and the fact that the girl featured in the emoji is getting slapped, some fans believe it’s an animation of Kylie that Chyna designed to shade Jenner.

#Pressplay : @BlacChyna #CHYmoji by #GlamRoks --#BlacChyna releases her #Chymoji app -- This #SlapmojiDoe

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But does Chyna have a reason to want to seek revenge in some form? When it came to announcing that she was pregnant, she wanted to control the revelation. Instead, her representative revealed to People that someone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan leaked the news, forcing her to make her pregnancy announcement ahead of times.

“The other half of her family leaked her story so she had to announce it. It’s the business. There’s a TV show to promote,” pointed out the rep.

But a source also told People that Chyna wants to stay separated from KUWTK.

“Chyna still has no plans to be on the show. She and Rob plan on signing their own deals.”

Moreover, Blac doesn’t need to stress about keeping up with the Kardashians, because she’s almost achieved that status, pointed out Wonderwall.

Several TV networks want to provide Rob and Chyna with their own reality show, with E! reportedly in the lead. And Blac is anticipating bringing home big bucks for competing with KUWTK, with a seven-figure contract anticipated in exchange for having camera crews record their relationship’s ups and downs, as well as the blossoming of that now famous baby bump.

And while Chyna’s son, King Cairo, isn’t officially on the family tree, his daddy, Tyga, is dating Kylie, therefore offering some insights into what it’s like to keep up with the Kardashians and Jenners. In addition, little Cairo has spent time with Rob, including celebrating his 29th birthday at Legoland.

Moreover, just like the rest of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan, Chyna is wise to the wonders of social media. She has more than six million Instagram followers, well over 610,000 Twitter followers, and a growing presence on Snapchat.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]