West Virginia 2016 Primary Live Results: Find Up-To-Date Vote Totals And Streaming Video Coverage Of Tuesday’s Voting

Voters in West Virginia will go to the polls on Tuesday, and anyone looking for live results of the Democratic primary will have plenty of options to follow all the vote totals.

After Bernie Sanders scored an unexpected win in last week’s Indiana primary, his campaign has had a bit more life going into what is otherwise a steep climb to catch Hillary Clinton. Behind by roughly 300 pledged delegates, Sanders has little chance to make up ground in the month remaining of voting, but could use a win in West Virginia and the states that follow to make a stronger case for superdelegates.

Streaming video coverage of the West Virginia primary results can be found below.

Hillary Clinton appears to be bracing for a loss in West Virginia, which has demographics favoring Bernie Sanders. She earned the ire of some West Virginia voters by making comments disparaging the coal industry and vowing to shut it down, but has been trying to win back voters with a tour of Appalachia communities in the last week.

It will be a difficult task, experts say.

“The state’s becoming increasingly conservative” said Carte Goodwin, a West Virginia attorney who was appointed as the state’s senator for a stretch after the death of Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, in an interview with USA Today.

It is a state unlikely to turn blue in November, as early polls have shown Donald Trump with a lead of more than 20 points against Hillary Clinton.

She is expected to lose Tuesday’s primary as well. There has been only light polling in West Virginia, but an average of polls from RealClearPolitics shows that Bernie Sanders is maintaining a six-point lead over Hillary Clinton.

Those who follow the live results of the West Virginia primary could see an even bigger victory for Bernie Sanders. FiveThirtyEight is predicting that he could outperform his polling in a state that greatly favors him. The electorate in West Virginia is 93 percent non-Hispanic white, the third-highest share of any state, the report noted. In the other three states with whites making up more than 90 percent of the population — Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire — Sanders cruised to wins of at least 20 points.

West Virginia also looks like a strong state for Sanders demographically, with few nonwhite voters. A demographic model my colleague Nate Silver released in late April projected Sanders to carry the state by 15 percentage points. That would be his biggest win in a primary outside his home state of Vermont and its neighbor New Hampshire. (He’s had bigger wins in caucuses.)

But Hillary Clinton seems to have her eyes beyond West Virginia. She has been gently pressing Bernie Sanders to accept her insurmountable lead and throw his support behind her.

“He has to make up his own mind,” said Clinton. “I want to unify the party. I see a great role and opportunity for him and his supporters to be part of that unified party.”

There will also be a Republican primary in West Virginia on Tuesday, but this race is more of a formality after both Ted Cruz and John Kasich backed out of the race following Donald Trump’s win in Indiana last week. Trump has still encouraged voters to turn out, and RealClearPolitics shows him with a lead of more than 30 points.

Those who want to follow live results of the 2016 West Virginia primary can turn to the New York Times for up-to-date vote totals.

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