Dating Brooklyn Beckham : Chloe Moretz Officializes Relationship With ‘Bae’ On TV, Tells Kim Kardashian To Set Better Example For Young Women!

Chloe Grace Moretz has finally come clean about her and Brooklyn Beckham’s relationship status! Yes, the two teenagers are dating, and the 19-year-old Neighbors 2 star decided to confirm that on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live!

“We’re in a relationship, it’s no biggie!”

It had been weeks in the making, with Chloe and Brooklyn openly posting photos on Instagram, leading to fans wondering if the lovebirds were in fact back together.

Chloe clarified her position on Kim Kardashian's nude selfie and said the star should set a better example.
Chloe posted this photo of her and Brooklyn on Instagram, which confirmed fans’ speculations that the youngsters are back together. [Photo via Instagram/chloegmoretz]
Moretz decided to reveal the relationship and not make it a huge secret.

“I think the more I don’t make it mysterious, the more people don’t care, so yes, we’re in a relationship,” Chloe told Andy Cohen as they played “Plead the Fifth” on the set of the program.

Brooklyn and Chloe have been spending a lot of time together over the past few weeks in spite of their busy schedules: the actress was touring Europe to promote Seth Rogen’s second installment of Neighbors. But Posh and Becks’ son and Chloe Grace found time to meet up and, more importantly, take loads of selfies.

Chloe’s boyfriend posted their first pic together on April 24, sparking rumors of the young lovers’ relationship status.

Casually describing their relationship, Chloe didn’t hesitate talking about Brooklyn’s famous parents, describing David Beckham as “a great dad” and Posh Spice as “a great mother.”

She also congratulated the power couple, whom Brooklyn is always gushing about on social media.

“They genuinely are very good parents, that’s what matters most, they made a pretty son.”

Chloe Moretz finally confirmed she is dating Brooklyn Beckham.
Brooklyn Beckham posted this picture on April 24, sparking rumors of his relationship with Chloe Moretz. [Photo via Instagram/brooklynbeckham]
There seems to be no doubt possible: Brooklyn and Chloe are baes! It was pretty clear since the young Burberry photographer posted this photo of his girlfriend on May 6, explicitly calling her “bae,” but it’s nice that Chloe has now confirmed.

The two stars were first romantically linked in 2014, when they were spotted together and attended the Teen Choice Awards as dates, People reported at the time.

But there was more Chloe was honest about, as the young actress was asked about her famous “Kim Kardashian feud” on Twitter which followed the KUWTK nude selfie.

At the time, Chloe had spoken out against the naked photo and told Kim she felt they had to set a better example for young women. Asked on TV what she would say to her if they were stuck together in an elevator, Chloe stuck to her guns.

“I would say that, you know, I hope that we both use our platforms for the bettering of society. We have a lot of young women and young men to influence, and I hope that we do that positively,” Chloe said.

Cohen also quizzed the Little Mermaid actress on what was reported as her recent slamming of Taylor Swift’s squad. Back in March, Chloe reportedly refused an invitation to join Taylor and her girlfriends, as Independent reported.

Speaking to Cohen, Chloe insisted the whole story was blown out of proportion and said it was nothing against Taylor, but that she wasn’t in favor of using the word “squad.”

The 19-year-old may not be the most famous just yet, but Chloe Moretz is certainly making a point of using her celebrity to set a good example. Recently, she said Kim Kardashian’s reply to her tweet was “uneducated” and “inappropriate,” as The Inquisitr reported.

So what do you think: is Chloe setting a better example for young women?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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