The Four Summer Movies To Watch If You Hate Blockbusters [Video]

With the release of Captain America: Civil War last weekend, the summer blockbuster movie season is officially upon us. However, not everyone is in love with blockbusters. This can make the summer a tough time for individuals who are not wanting a testosterone filled good time. Lucky for them, Hollywood has enough coming to the big screen to keep everyone occupied. Here are four movies to watch this summer if you hate blockbusters.

The Nice Guys

What better way to start the summer than to see Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe side-by-side trying to figure out just what happened to an alleged suicide victim. The Nice Guys is set in 1977 Los Angeles. Crowe and Gosling have been enlisted to help hunt down the daughter of a government official played by Kim Bassinger. In the process, they run across a conspiracy that could get them both killed.

Ryan Gosling turns in his tough guy card for this movie. He plays a bumbling private eye who can’t seem to stomach the hard stuff. Russell Crowe is the typical roughian that is hired to do the thing he does best, hurt people. The Nice Guys is directed by Shane Black who brought us the likes of Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Before you write this one off remember that Black was also responsible for the first Lethal Weapon.

In fact, The Nice Guys feels like a raunchier version of Lethal Weapon, and Gosling and Crowe seem to have just as good of on-screen chemistry as Mel Gibson and Danny Glover did. The Nice Guys is rated R, and it opens May 20.

The Infiltrator

If a buddy movie is not something that can get you to fork over your hard-earned dollars this summer, maybe the true story about the taking down of one of the world’s most notorious drug lords will. The Infiltrator tells the true story of U.S. Customs Official Robert Mazur discovering the intricate money laundering scheme that famous Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar had concocted. Mazur went undercover risking life and limb to bring down the infamous cartel leader.

Those of you who love Breaking Bad are sure to want to see Bryan Cranston playing Mazur. The film also stars John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger. It is directed by Brad Furman. The Infiltrator opens July 13.

Lights Out

What would summer be without the surprise horror hit? That is exactly what Warner Brothers is expecting with Lights Out. Lights Out follows Rebecca, played by Teresa Parker as she attempts to uncover the truth behind what is terrorizing her brother. This plays on all of your childhood nightmares and the fear that there really is something in the dark that can get you.

Lights Out looks to draw its fear from the psychological aspect of horror instead of the summers typical blood and guts gore fest. Lights Out is rated PG-13, and it hits theaters on July 22. Warner Brothers must feel real good about this movie because it is opening the same weekend as Star Trek Beyond.

The Founder

There is no one in Hollywood right now that is hotter than Michael Keaton. The first Batman has scored two critically acclaimed hits in Spotlight and Birdman. Both of those won Best Picture, and there is a very real possibility that The Founder could be the trifecta.

The founder follows Ray Croc, played by Michael Keaton, who had the ingenious idea one day of getting families meals faster than they had ever thought possible. From this idea, McDonald’s was born. Laura Dern plays Ethel Fleming, Ray Croc’s wife.

The Weinstein Company must be expecting big things from The Founder. Its original release date was supposed to be November 25, but they decided to move it up to August 5. According to Variety, Weinstein Company Chief Harvey Weinstein said as much.

“I am determined to show that adult fare and award-caliber movies should be able to open any time of year and be successful. Last season was saw a crowded fall where some terrific films struggled to find an audience. This year I want to spread out our slate and give them the best opportunity to succeed.”

The Founder is rated PG-13, and it is directed by John Lee Hancock of The Blind Side fame.

These four summer movies should fill any movie fan’s slate. It should also keep them out of the crowded movie houses. What other movies come out this summer that are not blockbusters that you think could be sleeper hits? We would love to hear from you.

[Image via The Weinstein Company]