‘Shark Tank’ ‘CreaClip’ DIY Haircutter And Glam-Ma’s ’Wunderbrow’ Eyebrow Makeup Go Viral

Popular television programs and web videos can seriously increase the sales of beauty products. Such was the case with two beauty products that went seriously viral in the past week. The first product was one called CreaClip, which began to go viral in March, as reported by the Inquisitr. That’s when makeup guru Camila Bravo featured a short video that showed Camila twisting her own bangs and cutting them to perfection.

During the same time Bravo was going viral, a new video that featured a compilation of DIY bang-cutting tutorials featured the CreaClip product, and the Facebook video pulled in more than 1.5 million views pretty quickly. CreaClip’s creator, Mai Lieu, ended up on Shark Tank – which aired on Friday, May 6 – and explained that the viral videos helped her sales. On her Instagram page, Lieu – who hails from Hawaii – featured her other products that sprang from the CreaClip success, such as a product to help nail polish and eye makeup application.

CreaProducts on KITV and Shark Tank!

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Mai told the sharks about her meager upbringing and how she vowed to have success. It was a heartwarming tale that won the hearts of the sharks and secured Lieu a deal.

The success of CreaClip’s sales can be seen in the product’s Amazon rankings. Although as of this writing, the CreaClip enjoys an “Amazon Best Sellers Rank” that puts it at No. 758 in the overall beauty category, a Google snapshot of the CreaClip page as it appeared when Google last crawled the page (as of this writing) on Saturday, May 7, the day after the product was featured on Shark Tank, shows it had sailed up to the No. 41 position in the beauty category.

With Mai acting as a strong presenter and even cutting her own hair on TV, she represented the perfect pitch person for the product, which aims to help save folks money and time from visiting salons for haircuts. It also seeks to help save people from the nightmare of cutting their own bangs incorrectly or in a manner that’s too short.

Another product sitting pretty high on Amazon’s beauty bestseller list is Wunderbrow, an eyebrow makeup that purports to fill in brows and last in a waterproof manner. For the success of that product, beauty fiends can thank a grandmother who went viral last week because of the beautiful makeovers that her granddaughter provides.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Tea Flego gave her 80-year-old grandmother makeovers that helped transform “Grandma Livia” into a quite a glamorous woman. As a result, folks flocked to Tea’s Instagram page and are apparently buying the products recommended by the makeup artist out of Pula, Croatia.

Beyond the fact that Tea transformed Livia’s look into something a lot fancier, perhaps folks are responding to the notion that a granddaughter has taken the time to practice her cosmetic artistry on her grandmother. With most DIY makeup videos focused on making women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s look more beautiful – it’s refreshing to see an 80-year-old woman enjoy the benefits of makeup as well.


Tea raved about the Wunderbrow product for eyebrows, as well as the Wunderlift product for smoothing out wrinkles. The Wunderlift “new arrival” product on Amazon isn’t as enjoying as high of a sales ranking as the eyebrow products as of this writing.


The Wunderbrow product page on Amazon claims the product will last as long as you want it to remain on your eyebrows.


“Long lasting — stays on until you decide to take it off”

“Transfer-proof — will not transfer onto your clothes”

“Budge-proof — will not smudge if you rub”

“Water-proof — shower, swim, workout, wunderbrow stays put”

“Hair fibers — fill in sparse areas for a natural look.”

Camila Bravo’s Instagram DIY Bang-Cutting Video Goes Viral: YouTube Make-Up Star Gets Buzz [Video]

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