Curt Schilling Made $2.5 Million Annually At ESPN While Posting Numerous Bigoted Memes

Curt Schilling apparently isn’t one to let bygones be bygones. The former Red Sox pitcher and most recently former employee of ESPN is making waves by continuing to go on the offensive after the network fired Curt Schilling for comments they felt were offensive. Schilling has been talking about the way his network treats people, especially those who appear to be conservative since his dismissal. During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Monday, the former pitcher also talked about the amount of money he was making while working for ESPN, saying he was paid about $2.5 million per year to do a variety of different jobs.

During the appearance on the radio show, hosted by another former employee of ESPN, Dan Patrick, Schilling yet again talked about what he felt was racism that is perpetrated by the network. Schilling added the racism wasn’t something actively pushed, but rather it was evident in the way the company enforced its policies. Curt Schilling pointed to some instances where ESPN sent out notices about how people would be discouraged from taking political stances on issues. Schilling says despite those emails and missives, there were some people who would still take a stance and would see no reaction from ESPN. Curt Schilling said the following during the radio interview according to Yahoo Sports.

“They sent out memos, ‘Listen, we want our sports people on-air talent to stick to sports, stay away from politics and all the other stuff…. The next thing, Stephen A. Smith, tells the world Robert Griffin can’t play quarterback for the Redskins because he is black, not because he sucks, which it was because he sucks. Then you got [Dan] Le Batard, and you got Tony Kornheiser comparing the Tea Party to ISIS. So, I think what the memo meant to say was ‘If you’re not liberal, and you’re not a Democrat, do not stray from sports.”

Schilling also said he felt as though there was an environment where people who were Republicans felt like they had to be part of a secret society. In addition to comments like this, Curt Schilling reiterated he does not have a bigoted or racist bone in his body. That claim, some would say, goes against some of the things Schilling has put up on social media. During the interview on Monday morning, Curt Schilling talked about the fact that his outspoken nature cost him a salary north of $2.5 million, but he didn’t need the money. Schilling added he might have done something differently if the nearly $3 million was something he needed to provide for his family.

Curt Schilling said he didn’t have any issue or care in the world when it came to talking about who someone was sleeping with, “as long as you’re not sleeping with my wife.” Schilling added his son is quite active in the LBGT community, though he didn’t make it clear just how his son is active. Schilling did say his son often brought over members of the LGBT community, and from his sense of their character, they’re all good kids.

Finally, Curt Schilling seemed to take a bit of pride in why he was fired, telling Patrick that he wasn’t a “measured speaker.” The former pitcher says he was told one of the reasons he was hired is because he was an opinionated person. He added they liked that he spoke his mind whenever he felt like it, right up until he said something the network didn’t agree with. Curt Schilling is still likely going to need to find a new job, and it’s uncertain whether his constant bashing of ESPN since he was fired is going to help him.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM]