Is Selena Gomez “Beyond Done Talking About” Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber has been trying so hard lately to woo Selena Gomez, he even left her former girlfriend a voicemail prior to the kick off of the “Hands To Myself” singer’s major concert on May 6. Hollywood Life reports how excited Jelena fans got over Justin’s romantic gesture. But, alas, it doesn’t seem romantic enough.

In fact, everything seems to be falling on deaf ears as we are not hearing or reading anything from the Selena Gomez camp. It’s a throwback to January 5, when Selena says, according to the Daily Mail: “I am beyond done talking to him.”

Back then, the Biebs “serenaded Selena days before they both attended the American Music Awards, but Selena insisted it wasn’t awkward after the impromptu singing went public.”

That report seems eerily similar to present events as Selena Gomez exhibits that kind of confident tone and dismisses rumors by asserting her independence with “I don’t alter my life because of what people are going to talk about.”

Sad to say, but this charade has been going on since December 2010.

For now, let’s call Selena’s words quoted above as the classic Selena Gomez response to a Justin Bieber event, which, in this case was the young man’s serenade. Fast-forward to May and this time, it’s a voicemail left on Selena’s phone, one that doesn’t seem to be getting any response.

That is, we have yet to receive any counter move from social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Come to think of it, this move-with-no-counter-move scenario has been going on since December 2010. So it’s easy to lose hope in any Jelena moment happening, that is, Justin and Selena getting back together again or at least the semblance of it.

Well, The Inquisitr ran a story on May 7, suggesting that the Justin camp is cooking up something big in order to pull Selena Gomez back into the “Sorry” singer’s clutches. By now we know for sure that the planned romantic gesture wasn’t flowers left on Selena’s dressing table at the Revival concert. It was simply the voicemail message left by Bieber congratulating Selena for pulling it all together and assuring her that she will be doing great on the night of her performance.

So this is how we know what’s going on, after putting the pieces together. Take note, on May 8, we found this tweet from Selina.


The good thing about tweets is that they are always time-stamped. Here’s our theory in the absence of any response by the Selena camp regarding the potentially still unanswered Justin Bieber voicemail.

  1. Justin has a problem keeping his promises
  2. Just leaving a voicemail for the beautiful girl you’re courting back isn’t romantic enough
  3. Justin isn’t honest with Selena 100 percent of the time

We only want to be able to help in any way possible to push the Jelena agenda further. We know that there are millions out there who would love to see the reunification of what is perhaps, one of the most beautiful love teams in the history of the music industry.

So our advice to Justin is, a woman may not always say what she wants directly, even when she adopts the classic Selena tone. How do we know? We watched the movie What A Girl Wants.

In conclusion, if Justin Bieber is really serious about getting his girl back, it’s worth giving the above-numbered tips a spin. What possible harm can occur from trying?

Otherwise, the true love that we know both camps are still feeling for each other will have to stay as a love triangle doomed for all eternity. And that’s the modern-day equivalent of the witch’s curse in the Beauty and the Beast story. The bottom line is, the prince must choose wisely, which one will it be? Unless this is done, the deja vu of January 5 between Justin Bieber and her beloved Selena Gomez will just keep recurring like a broken record.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]