May 8, 2016
$12,500 Reward Offered For Safe Return Of 9-year-old Tennessee Native Carlie Trent; Amber Alert Out After Kidnapped By Uncle

Four days after an Amber Alert was issued for nine-year-old Carlie Marie Trent, who was reportedly kidnapped by her uncle, police have yet to receive any solid lead towards the girl's whereabouts and now have upped the reward for information leading to the safe return of the Tennessee girl has reached $12,500.

As of Saturday the U.S. Marshals Service have joined the search for Carlie Trent and have offered $2,500 towards her safe return. The Marshal's reward is on top of the 10,000 that the nine-year-old's pediatrician, Dr. Chris Calendine, announced on Saturday that he will be offering. The Amber Alert was issued on Thursday and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have stated that law enforcement officials are continuing their search for the girl with a focus on the eastern part of the state.

Trent was abducted on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 4 from her school in Rogersville, Tennessee by her uncle by marriage, Gary Simpson. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, issued a nationwide Amber Alert for Carlie Marie on behalf of the Rogersville Police Department after investigators discovered that the man had signed the girl out from school under false pretenses and bought camping supplies from a local Walmart. They were also told by Simpson's wife that he was "up to something bad." Since then the bureau have said that over 100 tips have been received, but according to Fox News, thus far none of the tips have been substantial and the $12,500 reward remains unclaimed.
"At this time, however, there have been no credible sightings of Carlie Trent, Gary Simpson, or the van in which investigators believe the two may be traveling. Though their whereabouts are currently unknown, investigative efforts suggest they may be out of public view and in an isolated area, such as a campground or park."
On Saturday authorities released a video which showed Simpson and Trent shopping at a local Rogersville Save-A-Lot grocery store shortly after he had signed her out from school.
Carlie Marie Trent has been described as being 4-foot 8 inches tall, weighing 75 pounds and being a blue-eyed and blonde-haired Caucasian. The little girl was last seen wearing blue jeans with a black and gray tank top. Gary Simpson, on the other hand, is a 57-year-old white man who weighs about 157 pounds and is 5'10". The elder man has brown eyes and brown hair but is balding. When he was last seen, he was dressed in dark-colored shirt and jeans and wore a brown cap. Simpson was last seen driving a white 2002 Dodge Conversion Van with a dark stripe down the middle and Tennessee registration 173-GPS. The van also has light gold running boards and the paint on the hood is chipping off.

Police have issued warrants for the arrest of Gary Simpson for the kidnapping of his niece.

According to WJHL the students and teachers at Carlie's school, Hawkins Elementary School, will all be wearing purple in order to honor Carlie Trent. The announcement was made on Friday by the staff of the Rogersville School during a prayer vigil they held for her safe return.

The school is not being held responsible for releasing the girl to her uncle even though he does not have custodial rights as, reportedly, at some point Simpson and his wife, the sister of Carlie's father, actually did have temporary custody of the little girl. His story at the time was that Carlie's father had been in an accident and needed him to pick her up and that she may not be at school the next day because of the circumstances. Carlie spent a lot of time with her uncle and aunt and the family remains in shock that he kidnapped the girl.

Anyone who has information regarding Trent's kidnapping or the whereabouts of the van Simpson uses are being urged to call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND or the Rogersville Police Department at 423-272-7555. Should the information lead to the safe return of Carlie Trent the reward of $12,500 will be earned.

[Photo Courtesy of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation]