May 8, 2016
Philadelphia Man Films Mysterious Cross-Shaped UFO That Hovered In The Air And Then Zipped Across The Sky At Great Speed [Video]

A witness from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania reports sighting and filming a "jack-" or cross-shaped UFO that hovered in the sky and then flew away at a very high speed.

According to the witness in a report filed as Case 75873 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he traveled with his wife to attend the Food Truck Festival at the Tap Room on the 19th (a high-end restaurant and bar) in Philadelphia when the sighting occurred at about 5:45 p.m. on April 16, 2016.

When the witness and his wife arrived near the venue at around 5:30 p.m., they parked their car and started walking. As they walked, his wife looked up and commented about the moon. The witness looked up and saw the moon. But he also noticed another mysterious object hovering in the sky.

"We drove over there around 5:30 and parked our car on Lambert and West Porter street where they meet," the witness recalled in his report submitted to MUFON. "After we parked our car, we start walking west on Porter and turned left and started walking north on 20th street. My wife made a comment about the moon being out overhead and I looked up and noticed this object not moving, just hovering."

The witness said it was daytime, and visibility was excellent because the sky was cloudless. He and his wife stopped and watched the object hovering in the sky for about a minute. Then the UFO appeared to descend slowly, but it then stopped abruptly, changed direction, and started moving slowly in a southeasterly direction. Then, again, it stopped briefly to hover.

"This was in the broad daylight with not a cloud in the sky," the witness said in his report. "My wife and I both watched it hover for about one minute before it appeared to first come down lower from the sky. That is why we got excited because it went from hovering to moving downwards slowly. Then it stopped again and we got more excited. Then it changed directions and started moving southeast slowly and then it stopped again."

The witness began filming the mysterious UFO.

It was stationary in the sky for a while after the witness began filming. He explained that he experienced difficulty locating it in the sky with his camera and focusing on it because of the bright sun reflecting on his cellphone screen.

But he soon hit upon a stratagem that worked.

"I used the Moon, which was to the right of the object, as a reference. Once I saw the moon on my screen, I panned to the left slowly until I saw it appear as a dot on my screen."

As the witness filmed the UFO, it began accelerating eastward. But because his cell phone camera did not have a sufficiently high-definition zoom to capture the object accurately, the witness soon abandoned filming to enjoy a clearer view with his naked eyes.

As the witnesses watched in awe, the object continued accelerating due east until it appeared to the witnesses that it was moving at tremendous speed. They continued watching the UFO until they lost sight of it.

The witness estimated that the UFO was very large but looked small because it was flying at a fairly high altitude -- about 10,000 to 15,000 feet, according to the witness.

He said it appeared to be shaped like a "jack" (star-shaped object used in children's game) with four sides.

The witness's partner, however, thought it looked more like a cross. She provided a sketch of the UFO as it appeared from her perspective.

MUFON representatives in Pennsylvania investigated the sighting, and based on the shape of the object and reported dynamics in the air, including evidence from the footage, they concluded it was an unknown UAV.

But the investigator noted in his report that the witness claimed he was an amateur astronomer familiar with most natural objects in the sky. The witness emphasized that he was also familiar with drones because he had flown several in the past. And based on his experience, he was sure the object he and his wife witnessed was not a drone.

The witness also insisted that the motion of the object rules out a Chinese lantern.

The object was a solid object with a "jack" shape, according to the witness. But as mentioned earlier, his wife, who watched the object with unaided eyes while the witness tried to film it using his cell phone camera, insisted it looked like a cross. Because she watched the object all the time with unaided eyes, she presumably had more time to observe and interpret the visual data more accurately.

She provided MUFON with a hand drawing of the object that showed the UFO had a shape like a cross with an opposite pair of arms also crossed.

The nature of the UFO remains a mystery, and it is not possible to make a positive identification based on the information provided. But MUFON notes that as mysterious as they often appear, most UFO sightings likely involve natural or man-made objects.

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