May 8, 2016
Blac Chyna Shows Off Baby Bump For The First Time! Seven-Figure Negotiation For Own Reality Show In The Works [Video]

Blac Chyna has shared the first photo of her baby bump! Wearing a red form-fitting outfit, Blac Chyna gave Instagram fans a first glimpse of her growing belly, captioning the pic with "Aww #BlacChyna's baby bump! #AngelaKardashian."

It's rumored that once she marries Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna will use her real name, Angela, although the model has yet to confirm it. Chyna also showed off her enormous engagement ring in the photo.

The internet nearly broke when Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian announced they were pregnant with their first child over Instagram, using an emoji of Blac rubbing her baby bump to share the happy news. According to sources, Blac Chyna loves children and always knew she wanted more, telling herself "if it happens, it happens." Fans can expect even more children from the famous couple since "Chyna is not done with having babies she wants more."

Although this will be Rob's first baby, Blac Chyna has another child, King Cairo, who she shares with Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Tyga. According to an insider, Rob, his fiancee, and King will be a happy family, and "Chyna told [son] King about his new sibling on the way." Although he was shocked, Tyga "gave Chyna and Rob healthy blessings. It's a happy time for the family."

Rumors had circulated for months that Blac was pregnant, and she was recently photographed with Rob and Kim Kardashian coming out of an obstetrician's office. A baby bump explains why Rob asked Blac Chyna to marry him after only dating for a few months.

In addition, Blac hinted at a pregnancy over Instagram when she apologized for missing some appearance dates, writing "[s]orry LA & Atlantic City I really wasn't feeling well LAST night which fell over to this MORNING causing us to miss our flight."

In the same social media share, Blac Chyna said she and Rob were "looking forward to them as well, but new dates are coming soon!"

A source revealed to E! News that the pregnancy seems to be going well for Blac Chyna, although she has had to deal with "a bit of morning sickness and felt pretty tired." The Blac Chyna insider also revealed that now that he has his own mansion, Rob and his fiancee "will be getting one of the rooms in his house all ready for the baby."

While Blac Chyna and Rob reportedly know the gender of the baby, they have not revealed it to their fans yet. According to the insider, Blac Chyna and her fiance "do know the sex of the baby and will reveal it soon enough."

In fact, Rob and Blac Chyna are in negotiations with the E! network to try to get their own reality show, which certainly would feature the baby bump and eventual birth. According to TMZ, the reality show is being quickly negotiated since Blac Chyna is rumored to be in her second trimester, and time is ticking.

The cost, according to a source, to get exclusive insider access to Blac Chyna's pregnancy is rumored to be in the seven figures. Although they reportedly have yet to be picked up anywhere, it would be hard to imagine that the famous couple would have a hard time getting their own show.

While the Kardashian family at first seemed to completely criticize Rob for dating Blac Chyna, now that there's a baby involved, the family couldn't be happier for them, especially since Blac Chyna has turned their reclusive brother into a new man. An insider revealed that the "general consensus in the house is 'Praise Chyna! Don't go!'" since after years of struggle, the Kardashian family "finally got the brother they always knew back."

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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]