Duggar Family Slammed For Misidentifying Daughter The Day Before Mother’s Day

The Duggar family’s latest mistake was an embarrassing one to make right before Mother’s Day. Michelle Duggar is used to being showered with Mother’s Day cards and gifts from her 19 children, but if she’s in charge of the family’s Facebook page, two of the youngest Duggar girls might be a bit reluctant to celebrate their mom today.

On Saturday, a picture of Jennifer Duggar was posted on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page. Eight-year-old Jenni, the third-youngest member of the Duggar family, is pictured attempting to use a sewing machine that’s sitting on the floor. As you can see, Jenni had to sit in an awkward position to reach the machine’s foot pedal.

Jenni Duggar Sewing
Jennifer Duggar sews on the floor, gets mistaken for Jordyn [Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]

Some commenters on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page responded to the photo by criticizing Michelle Duggar for placing the sewing machine on the floor, making it difficult and potentially dangerous for Jenni to sew together the tiny scraps of fabric she was given to work with. However, other commenters were too distracted by what the Facebook post said to worry about Jenni getting a needle stuck through her finger. Instead, they pointed out that Michelle or another member of the Duggar family misidentified the little girl in the picture as 7-year-old Jordyn.

“Whoever runs this page at least needs to know which Duggar is which. That’s Jennifer not Jordyn,” Angela Gentry-Bunch wrote.

“I think it’s Jenni?? I spy her braces,” Meg Harris Watwood commented.

There’s another clue that the girl in the photo isn’t Jordyn Duggar: Jordyn’s favorite homemaking task isn’t sewing. Last December, Michelle Duggar celebrated Jordyn’s birthday by sharing a Facebook post listing off a few of the little girl’s favorite hobbies, which included taking care of babies and doing laundry.

“You love to hold babies and be a helper anywhere, laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, playing with younger ones and helping other mommies with their little ones!!” Michelle wrote in her daughter’s birthday message.

Jordyn Duggar
Michelle Duggar and Jordyn Duggar [Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michelle was criticized for saddling 7-year-old Jordyn with too many responsibilities, giving the girl little time to enjoy fun activities that don’t involve helping out around the house.

Luckily for Michelle, there are plenty of Duggar defenders out there who think that the family can do no wrong. A few fans were quick to defend the Jenni-Jordyn Facebook mix-up.

“If I had 19 kids all starting with the same letter, I’d mix up too…just a mistake everyone,” Alyssa Rayner wrote.

“Jennifer..I mean…I have 4* kids and Mix their names up,” Kadie Lynn Prillaman confessed.

At this time, the erroneous Facebook post has been up for a little over 18 hours and remains unchanged, but perhaps the Duggar family is too busy gearing up for their Mother’s Day celebration to correct the embarrassing error. Last year, Michelle Duggar told People that Mother’s Day is a very big deal in their household.

“Oh boy, do we ever celebrate,” Michelle Duggar revealed. “We definitely do. Jim Bob and the kids come up with all kinds of ideas.”

One annual Duggar family tradition is the creation of handmade Mother’s Day cards. The older Duggar daughters help their younger siblings create these keepsakes, and they also treat Michelle to one of her favorite meals.

“I don’t have to do any cooking, that’s fun,” Michelle said. “I don’t have to plan or think about meals or anything like that. I get really spoiled.”

However, it’s hardly a once-a-year occurrence for Michelle to get a break from the kitchen. In a TLC blog post, the Duggar family matriarch admitted that her children do most of the cooking. The kids are divided up into teams that rotate kitchen duty on a weekly basis.

“We usually have teams of three or four kids that’ll work together on the cooking,” Michelle wrote. “If you get more than that, there are really just too many cooks in the kitchen! There’s a leader and then the rest of them follow the instructions of the leader.”

In other words, it’s like Mother’s Day every day in the Duggar family’s household.

[Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]

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