Albuquerque Mom Pleads Guilty To Kicking Her Son To Death

Omaree Varela was heartlessly kicked to death in December of 2013 after years of officials ignoring the abuse going on in his home. This week, his mom has finally pleaded guilty to his murder.

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This past Friday, Omaree’s mom pleaded guilty to kicking him to death. Synthia Varela-Casaus, Omaree’s mom, has already begun serving her 40-year sentence.

In December of 2013, Varela-Casaus decided to discipline her son by kicking him. An autopsy revealed that the abuse delivered by Omaree’s mom caused severe internal bleeding. According to the Associated Press, Omaree fell unconscious after his mom kicked him “into a dresser, causing him to hit his head on the floor.”

Omaree’s mom decided to treat her unconscious son by putting him in a bathtub and placing ice on his head. Although both Omaree’s mom and step-father were present, no one called 911 for approximately a half hour. By the time police arrived on scene, Omaree was dead.

It’s been over two years since Omaree’s death. His step-father, Steve Casaus, was found guilty of not seeking the medical attention his son needed to survive last September, but Omaree’s mom avoided her trail for longer than usual.

The lawyer representing Varela-Casaus originally attempted to prove that his client was not competent to stand trial. In February, Judge Brett Loveless rejected that theory and by March 2, Omaree’s mom was having her trial date confirmed.

Instead of going through a trial, Omaree’s mom pleaded guilty on Friday.

“I was disciplining him and I kicked him the wrong way, it was an accident,” Omaree’s mom told KRQE cameras when she was arrested.

Later, she retracted her confession in written letters. Those letters were used in the trial against Steve Casaus and might have been used in her defense if she had not pleaded guilty.

“It was not at the hands of me I allowed a lot to go on and happen, and I take responsibility for that part, but I would never do that to anyone, much less my son,” Omaree’s mom said in her letters according to KRQE.

During the sentencing hearing, Varela-Casaus’ sister addressed the court. She was baffled as to how her sister was able to do that kind of thing to her own son, and she explained how tormented Omaree’s siblings have been due to the circumstances surrounding his death.

“To hear the words that my sister said, ‘I kicked him the wrong way,'” Sylvia Marquez, the sister of Omaree’s mom, said. “How can my sister do this?”

Marquez adopted Varela-Casaus’ other two children. According to what she told the judge, the kids are unable to cope with what their mom did to their brother.

“They ask, ‘Auntie, can’t Omaree be fixed? Can’t God or the doctors fix him?,” Marquez said.

Marquez also read a letter written by Omaree’s 7-year-old sister. In it, the girl admits to being terrified that her mom would get out and see her.

“Mom is not a good person to me because she hurt my brother. I am scared that mom might see me. I hope mom stays in jail for that I can be safe with my other mom.”

During the sentencing hearing, Omaree’s mom cried. She stated that she didn’t mean for it to happen.

“I love my kids, and I thank my sister for taking care of them and raising them,” Varela-Casaus told the court according to the Associated Press. “There’s nothing more that I can ask for from them.”

After Omaree’s mom pleaded guilty and was sentenced, Marquez spoke to KOAT Albuquerque, an ABC affiliate.

“This is just closure for us. I’ll never use the word justice. Everybody’s throwing that word out there but there is no justice in this case.”

[Photo by Albuquerque Police Department]