Mitt Romney’s 2011 Tax Return Slated For October 15 Release

Mitt Romney will release his 2011 tax return by October 15. The Republican presumptive presidential nominee has already released his 2010 personal income tax returns, even though some Democrats claim Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for years, the Christian Post reports.

Romney campaign senior adviser Ed Gillepsie stated during a Fox News Sunday interview that American voters will be able to view the GOP candidate’s complete 2011 tax returns prior to heading to the ballot box.

In April Mitt Romney filed a request for an extension with the Internal Revenue Service. According to Reuters excerpts republished by the Christian Post, Mitt Romney’s estimated 2011 tax liability is $3.2 million.

“Look, October 15 is the deadline for the IRS on an extension. We have said as soon as they’re ready we’re going to release them. And I believe they’ll be ready before that,” Gillepsie stated during the Fox News Sunday interview.

Mitt Romney’s senior campaign adviser further maintains that the 2011 tax returns of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee are currently being finalized and the candidate has no control over the speed of the process. Earlier this month Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed he received a tip from an unnamed source that Romney has not paid taxes for a decade.

“The word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years. Let him prove he has paid taxes because he hasn’t,” Harry Reid Senate floor speech excerpts republished by the Christian Post.

Mitt Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillepsie also noted “ample” information about the Republican candidate’s 2010 and 2011 tax returns will be made public before the November 6 election.