Donald Trump Shows How Much He ‘Loves Hispanics’ By Eating A Taco Bowl On Cinco De Mayo

Donald Trump may have put his digital foot in his digital mouth once again. On Thursday, May 5, better known to those who celebrate the holiday as Cinco De Mayo, Donald Trump celebrated the day by eating a taco bowl from the Trump Grill and pronouncing on Twitter that he “loves Hispanics.” Since Trump posted the photo on social media, the internet has had a bit of fun with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee while also pointing out eating a taco bowl from a restaurant that was decidedly not authentic probably wasn’t the best way to win over a voting block that largely hates him.

As USA Today points out, about 77 percent of Hispanic voters have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump. The photo’s goal wasn’t remotely hidden, considering Trump has been throwing verbal barbs at the Hispanic community for most of his campaign.

As USA Today also points out, the problem with using this picture, other than the rather ham-handed approach, is that taco bowls which are otherwise known as Taco salads are a dish that originated in the United States. Cinco De Mayo, while celebrated by a large population of the United States, originated in Mexico. The fact that Donald Trump celebrated the day with food that isn’t Mexican didn’t get past funny woman Samantha Bee.

The former Daily Show correspondent, who is now hosting her show called Full Frontal, posted her picture on Facebook which was meant to look almost identical to the one Trump posted. Bee’s caption for the photo was a bit different, and it directly called out Donald Trump for his comments made about Hispanics and Mexicans in particular. The caption read, “The best taco bowls are made by hard working immigrants who don’t like being called rapists by a rich prick. I love inauthentic Mexican food!”

Samantha Bee was far from the only comedian who took Donald Trump to task. People Magazine reports that by the end of Cinco De Mayo, the hashtag #Hispanics was one of the biggest trending keywords on Twitter. Among the comedians joining in on the joke was Josh Gad who thought it was only a matter of time before Trump goes after the Muslim vote in much the same way as he had gone after the Hispanic vote.

“Now that Trump’s shown he loves #Hispanics by eating a taco bowl, I can’t wait for the inevitable Halal Cart ‘I love Muslims’ Twitter post,” Gad wrote.

Other comedians, such as George Lopez, decided instead to make fun of what Trump said; he would make it clear he’d rather the presidential candidate do something else with his thumb than hold it upright. Among those who didn’t attempt to bring the funny when it came to Trump’s views of Hispanics of Mexicans was his likely rival in the general election. Hillary Clinton saw an opportunity to point out that comments he’s made over the last year don’t show a lot of love to Hispanics at all.

Since Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race, Donald Trump and his handlers have said he would start to act a bit more “presidential.” Since rising to the ranks of presumptive nominee, Donald Trump has carried himself much the way he did while he was still taking on Republican candidates in the primaries, although this kind of misstep will not likely hurt Trump at all with those who already support him. It’s a long shot as to whether a post like the one Donald Trump put on Twitter on Thursday will help him with the group of voters he was aiming at.

[Photo by Darron Cummings/AP Images]