Twitter Users Rally To Support Grandma Magdalene After Failed Art Show, Suggest Sad PawPaw Should Bring Burgers

One Twitter user took to the social media platform to express her sadness after coming home to find her heartbroken grandma calling herself “foolish” for believing anyone would show up to her library art show. The 89-year-old grandmother, Magdalene Jourdan, had prepared 43 art pieces for a featured art reception at a local library in Thompson, Connecticut. The grandma got ready, donning her favorite dress, hoping to share her love of art with the community. However, to the heartbreak of her granddaughter and herself, no one showed up to the event. Therefore, 17-year-old Lily Jourdan took to Twitter to express her sadness for her grandmother who she says felt like a “fool” following the event.

People on Twitter expressed their sadness for grandma Magdalene after 17-year-old Lily Jourdan tweeted about her grandma’s failed art show. Lily says that in anticipation of her big library art reception, grandma Magdalene had spent all week creating captions for her 43 paintings that she would feature at the event. However, when Lily returned from a softball game later that evening, she was met by her heartbroken grandma who said that no one showed up to her event and that she was “foolish” for believing anyone would take the time to come see her art.

Heartbroken for her grandma, Lily posted an image of her sad grandma to Twitter along with some images of her art.

The post immediately went viral, with Twitter users expressing their sadness for grandma Magdalene and others planning road trips to Connecticut before the art show’s end. Following the outpouring of support, with many noting that grandma Magdalene is quite gifted with art, Lily says her grandmother wrote a response and then read it on camera for her followers. In the response, grandma Magdalene notes that she doesn’t want anyone to cry for her but that she is happy to see the tears because it means she “reached” them with her art.

Now users are hoping to show grandma Magdalene the support she deserves for dedicating the past six decades of her life to the art she loves. In fact, a number of users that live nearby have claimed they are going to surprise Magdalene on Saturday, the last day of her art show, by showing up to the event.

Others are even trying to plan road trips to get to Connecticut before the art show ends.

One user tweeted that maybe sad pawpaw, a previous Twitter sensation, should stop by the art show from Oklahoma with some burgers to brighten the day.

BuzzFeed notes that the reason for low attendance at grandma Magdalene’s opening event may have nothing to do with her art but rather the lack of advertising of the event in the area. It was noted that the event was not widely advertised and that a Facebook event was created for the art show by the library, but no one was ever invited by the library to attend. Lily also reports that her grandmother has only lived in the town for two years, so she doesn’t have a large friend base to share the word.

“In a small town like that, with just about 9,400 people, it is not sufficient to advertise a reception with just a name if the person is new to the town.”

However, since the tweet went viral, people are taking to the Thompson Library Facebook page to show their support for Magdalene, with many calling the grandmother a true art talent.

Do you think Twitter users will actually show up to grandma Magdalene’s closing night at the Thompson Library?

[Image via Twitter and Facebook]