Blac Chyna Pregnant: Blac's Instagram And Rob Kardashian's Instagram Show Baby, Wedding And Celebration Emojis

Blac Chyna is pregnant, and she has confirmed the news on her "BlacChyna" Instagram account by posting a photo rendering of herself with a big, pregnant belly. As seen in the rendering of Chyna below, the woman in the drawing has pink hair that has been twisted into a ponytail atop her head. The woman, who looks an awful lot like Blac, cradles her pregnant belly with both hands. Decorated with pink nails and a diamond ring on the left hand, the woman has eyes like Chyna's and boasts her facial features as well.

As reported by Us Weekly, Rob Kardashian and Blac are indeed expecting a baby, because Chyna's rep confirmed the news of the pregnancy. While Blac posted a baby emoji and a celebratory emoji to her Instagram, Rob's Instagram posting of the same rendering had a wedding theme.
As seen in the above Instagram post from the Rob Kardashian Instagram account, Kardashian added a baby emoji and a bride emoji to his Instagram posting. Therefore, Rob could be hinting that a secret wedding could be underway prior to the baby's birth.

Rob's mother, Kris Jenner, told the story of Rob's conception during a segment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It was a saucy tale, whereby Kris described wanting a baby boy after having so many girls. At that point, Kris had given birth to Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim, and she was ready for a male child. Jenner described enticing her then late husband, Robert Kardashian, by going downstairs wearing nothing underneath her fur coat. The plan worked, and Kris declared that she got her baby boy.

Now that same "baby boy" Rob is procreating with Blac -- a woman who first began to appear on social media with Kim Kardashian as Kim's equally and bountifully blessed-in-the-backside friend. Before long, Chyna made a name for herself as one whom some members of the Kardashian clan began to dislike, due to her previous relationship with Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend.

In recent episodes of the reality show, Rob has been seen defending Kardashian's choice of Chyna as his girlfriend. Kylie's sister advised her not to get overly concerned with any perceived drama between Chyna, Amber Rose, and the rest of the Kardashian Family. Kris was also seen defending herself for helping Rob get established with a new home, and berating his sisters, with Jenner noting that she stood by their crazy antics, such as Kim's short-lived marriage.

Now that there is a new Kardashian baby set to make his or her appearance, it is one more reason for the family to mend fences with Blac. It will be Rob and Blac's first baby together. Chyna, 27, is "several months" pregnant, and though they planned to spring their baby news on Mother's Day, the baby news seems to have leaked a bit early.

As for Blac's due date, it could be anywhere from September to October, or later this year. The reaction on social media to the baby news is heated. However, as seen in the following photo, Kylie Jenner took the time to like Rob's photo on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian also liked Rob and Chyna's Instagram photos, as seen in the follow photo.
"Y'all act like Kylie gone settle down with Tyga!!! Please.. Meanwhile Rob and Chy are happy enjoying their lives."

"She's having a Kardashian."

While others left their own comments and feelings on the Instagram photos, Tyga made sure to wish the couple congratulations on their baby news, as seen in the Instagram comment screengrab photo below. Fans had already started leaving emoji comments with baby bottles on Tyga's Instagram page.[Photo by John Misa/MediaPunch/IPX]