Justin Timberlake Drops New Song As Jessica Biel Revels In Love From Baby And Husband

Justin Timberlake just dropped his new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and the world is already buzzing with excitement. This is the first time that the singer released a new song in almost three years. But in that time, he had a baby with his wife Jessica Biel, which is understandably a reason that he has not stepped into the recording studio as much as he used to.

Justin Timberlake released his new single tonight, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” breaking a years-long music drought,” reports Yahoo! News. “The song is classic Timberlake, featuring a jazzy, uptempo beat and a falsetto chorus sure to be making regular rounds on the radio soon. He originally announced the track yesterday on Twitter.”

He even posted a meme featuring himself to promote the release of his new song.


“‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ is Timberlake’s first new music since he released part two of The 20/20 Experience in 2013,” adds Yahoo! News. “The song serves as a taste of the music Timberlake will be contributing to the soundtrack to the upcoming Dreamworks Animation film Trolls, which is due out on Nov. 4.”

Before this big music moment, the singer also has been channeling a lot of his energy toward his family. Not only is Justin Timberlake still totally smitten with his wife Jessica, but he is as dedicated to his baby, Silas.

Recently Jessica Biel spoke about how much joy her baby and husband brings in her life.

He is a ham, just like his dad — serious ham,” Jessica told the morning show at a Baby2Baby Mother’s Day event according to Daily Mail. “‘He thinks everything is funny. He goofs on me all the time.”

“He thinks sneezing is really funny. He’s in that moment where he thinks bodily functions are really funny,” she added.

Check out a sweet picture of her and Justin.

And this one of her husband and her baby!

The caption on that picture expresses just how much he is in love with and grateful for his son.

As he is pursuing his own career, he is as equally supportive of his wife’s. Jessica Biel has been slammed for opening a restaurant for mothers who are as rich as her, but with the love and backup from Justin Timberlake, she has been able to weather the criticisms.

“I have big dreams [for Au Fudge],” she said to C Magazine. “I’d love for it to be everywhere. People are quick to judge in a negative way when there is a celebrity attached. But in the end, Au Fudge is bigger than any of us, and what we’re trying to accomplish is so differentiated.”

She added in the interview that without Justin, she might not have seen her dream project through.

He’s not one of those people to pooh-pooh an idea or a passion. He is the person who says, ‘Do it. And if it fails, it fails. But you did it,'” Jessica said to C Magazine. “I’m sure he was probably thinking, ‘It’s going to be hard.'”

Maybe he feels that way about releasing his new song!

They even proved how much they are in love with each other for the public! They continue to go on date nights and turning award shows into the perfect chance to display their love.

“Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake proved their love is as strong as ever as they enjoyed a date night in West Hollywood on Saturday night,” reports Daily Mail. “The 34-year-old actress dressed to impress in a polka dot jumpsuit while her handsome husband, 35, went casual in a checked shirt and flat cap.”

Do you think Justin’s new song will make him more unavailable to his family? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]