Tito Ortiz Gives Conor McGregor A Piece Of Advice: Trust Dana White And Don’t Battle Against The UFC System

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz gives the bad boy Conor McGregor a piece of sound advice: Trust the UFC and Dana White’s system because it never fails. Tito hopes speaking up will help Conor from making some of the same mistakes he made early in his career.

Tito is the first person to admit he made some mistakes in how he handled Dana and his contract with UFC, Fox News reported. He left the UFC in 2005, and never returned after his falling out with Dana. Ortiz stated he hopes that McGregor will learn from him, and just give in to the UFC demands so he can preserve his martial arts career.

“I made some bad decisions with the UFC, with Dana, and I’ve been talked bad by Dana. I look back on it and wish I would have done things a lot different.He’s only 28. Let him sit out for a little bit. Let him see how much money the other fighters can make the UFC. Which they can. The UFC, they are the star. They’re gonna make the money. They’ll keep bringing more and more fighters in and Conor’s going to miss out on a year or two, and then he’ll have to cave in and ask what Dana and Lorenzo want him to do.”


At one time, Tito was the master in trash-talking in the UFC. It didn’t matter if he won or lost; Ortiz was one of those fighters that drew a crowd. Conor should consider the former light heavyweight champ’s advice because Tito learned the hard way that for White, it’s just a business.

Ortiz stated that McGregor has a very small chance of winning the war with Dana White and the UFC owners. Tito said that Conor needs to play his cards very carefully or he could lose his chance to fight in his prime years. In the end, Ortiz added that fighters only have a small opportunity to fight before they are deemed “too old to compete.”

“We’re fighters. We go out there and we’ll open a window of opportunity and they’re only open for so long, and we have to take advantage of that time right then.”


Tito recalled a moment when he challenged Dana White to a fight in the Octagon in a period of intense contract negotiations, Bloody Elbow reports. The fight never happened, and Tito stated after reflecting on his behavior that he wished he would have shown some restraint, and not battled Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.

“Trust has always been a hard issue in my life and when I was with the UFC it was hard for me to trust people because it was like I was seeing lies, up to lies, up to lies. So I think that at this time Conor should trust Lorenzo and trust Dana and do the right decision.”

Ortiz said that when he started his contract dispute with Dana, he had no one to look up to and ask for advice. It resulted in a rash decision and him leaving the company for good. He hopes that he can be that sounding board for Conor McGregor because the window of opportunity is small, and there are so many fighters wanting that chance to earn a contract with the UFC. Eventually, Tito explained that he will have to cave and give in to the UFC demands.

“I think the best decision is doing what Lorenzo and Dana want him to do. They’re going to take care of the kid as they’ve already done and I think it’s just going to be better if they just do the right things. I made the wrong decision myself in my career. I tried to battle against the system. I should have never done that but I didn’t have anybody else who showed me how to do it before. I did everything on instinct….”

Whether or not Conor McGregor will listen to Tito Ortiz’s sound advice is still undecided. Tito made many excellent points, and unless Conor acts quickly and ends his battle with the UFC, it could hurt his career in the long run. Voice your opinion in the comments section below about the UFC, and come back later for more up-to-date MMA news and updates.

[Photo By Chris Pizzello]