‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Did Callie Or Arizona Win Custody Of Sofia?

This week’s episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is all about the custody battle between Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins. The two are fighting for full custody of their daughter, 6-year-old Sofia.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

ABC shared the following synopsis of Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1222.

“Callie and Arizona are at odds over Sofia’s future, and Stephanie questions the status of her relationship with Kyle. Meanwhile, Alex and April work on a pregnant teen that is readmitted to Grey Sloan Memorial.”

Back on March 31, 2016, Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, shared the following tweet.


Since that time, fans of Grey’s Anatomy have been speculating whether or not this meant Arizona, played by Jessica Capshaw, would lose the custody battle. On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, fans finally learn who will claim full custody of Sofia.

At the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy, Callie drops Sofia off at Meredith’s house so Maggie can watch her while they are at court. Callie hugs Sofia goodbye and Sofia complains to her mother.

“You’re hugging me too tight. You’re hugging me too long.”

Once at court, the judge warns everyone there to testify that this is not a popularity contest. She states they are all on the same side and are there for one person, Sofia.


Many of the doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital come to the hearing to testify. Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, Owen Hunt, Richard Weber, and Andrew DeLuca all take the stand. Callie’s girlfriend, Penny Blake, also testifies.


What would Grey’s Anatomy be without a great monologue? Callie and Arizona both have a chance to make their case on the stand.

While Callie is up on the stand, she talks about how she was in a car wreck when she was pregnant with Sofia. She was so injured that she wanted to give up and die, but she couldn’t because she knew that would end the life of her baby as well.

“I had to fight to stay alive for my daughter’s sake. Being a mother is the reason I’m still alive today.”

When Callie’s lawyer tries to imply that Arizona is not really Sofia’s mother because she is not biologically related, Arizona fights back.

“I chose to be Sofia’s mother. It did not fall into my lap. There was a choice and I could stay or I could run, and I chose motherhood. And it was the best choice that I ever made.”

A doctor’s responsibility never ends, and Arizona is forced to leave the court hearing to help save a baby’s life. She fears doing so will ruin her chances of winning full custody of Sofia.

At the end of Episode 1222 of Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona returns to the courthouse to await the judge’s verdict. While she is waiting outside, Callie sits down next to her and they talk.

“No matter what the judge decides, I know that you’re a good mom too and I just want you to know that this doesn’t change that.”

Ellen Pompeo was right, viewers were brought to tears in Episode 1222 of Grey’s Anatomy, but not because of Arizona. In the end, Arizona wins full custody of Sofia. After Arizona picks Sofia up from Meredith’s house, the camera turns to show Callie bawling and saying,”How the hell did this happen?”


Grey’s Anatomy was not all about “Calzona” tonight. While the future of “Japril” is uncertain, there is hope they will not end up in the same situation as Callie and Arizona. Avery and April sit down at the bar and talk about co-parenting. Avery tells April he wants to be in the room when the baby is born. He asks April if that will make her uncomfortable and she replies, “No, not at all. I want you there.” The two then go on to discuss how they will handle holidays when their baby is older. In the end they both agree, “No fighting.”

Tune in for next week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, at 8/7c on ABC.

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