Anne ‘Annie’ Kasprzak, Darwin Christopher Bagshaw: ‘Dateline NBC’ Airs Cold Case Murder Of Missing Teen Found Dead In Jordan River

Anne “Annie” Kasprzak, the 15-year-old Utah teen who went missing and was later found dead in a river, will be the next riveting story to be covered on Dateline NBC. This Friday’s episode, “The Girl with the Red Shoes,” will follow the police investigation into the death of a pretty teen whose lifeless body was found after a jogger discovers a red shoe on the bridge.

It would take two years and the arrest of two other individuals before police finally solved the case. Listen closely as Anne Kasprzak’s parents, Veronica and James Kasprzak, reveal their horrifying story. Law enforcement officials will also give their commentary on the case. The killer turned out to be Darwin Christopher Bagshaw, the victim’s former boyfriend.

Anne Kasprzak, aka Annie Grace Kasprzak, disappeared from her home in March 2012. She was last seen going to bed. The girl’s parents stated that she was upset after they argued. Later, they discovered that she had vanished from her bedroom but believed for a time that she was going to return. When she did not, they contacted 911 and reported her as a missing runaway.

Her severely beaten body was found in the Jordan River 24 hours later after a passerby reported seeing a red shoe and some blood on the bridge. Anne Kasprzak’s father saw his dead daughter’s body after they pulled her out of the river, and it was a scene he’ll never forget, according to the Daily Mail.

“When she was pulled from the water, Anne was so badly beaten that she was unrecognizable. Investigators had to use scars, clothing and dentistry to identify her, according to search warrants. One of her fingernails was pushed back and she appeared to have defensive wounds on her hands.”

An autopsy report concluded that she had been struck repeatedly on the face and head with an object. During the course of the investigation, two men were arrested but were later cleared of all charges pertaining to Anne Kasprzak’s death. The case was solved more than two years later after investigators arrested Darwin Christopher Bagshaw.

The investigation revealed that a rumored pregnancy may have played a role in her death. Authorities believe that after leaving her parents’ home, Anne Kasprzak met up with her lover, Darwin, and at some point told him that she was pregnant with his child. That is when an enraged Darwin lost his temper and killed her with a shovel. Then he spent the rest of the time trying to cover up the crime by asking one of his friends to say that a bloodstain found on his shoe was due to a nose bleed that Anne Kasprzak had, according to a quote from Good4Utah.

“The cops might come back to your house. I need you to tell them that Anne got a bloody nose cause she did, but you were lying down and she got some on my shoe and they took my shoes for testing and I need you to tell them that so I don’t get blamed.”

Annie was a typical teen who enjoyed life and loved spending time with her family and her friends. She also loved listening to good music. A Facebook page erected in her memory posts updates on the case from time to time.

To follow the story of Anne Kasprzak and Darwin Christopher Bagshaw, watch Dateline this Friday at 9:30/8:30 p.m. central on NBC.

[Photo by Al Hartmann/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP Images, Pool]