Cameron Diaz Says Marriage To Benji Madden Is ‘Very Important’

Cameron Diaz has been away from the spotlight over the last year and with good reason. The Annie actress is newly married to Benji Madden and taking the time to really get acquainted to her new role as a wife, which Cameron recently revealed to Ellen DeGeneres has been more of a learning experience than she expected. As she spoke, Ms. Diaz revealed the best things about being married and the worst things, which she discovered were not really very different.

Sex Tape Star Cameron Diaz On Being Married To Benji Madden

Newlywed Cameron Diaz told Ellen that she was recently asked to share her thoughts on the best things about being married, to which Diaz answered that it was learning new things about herself. Cameron shares that there were so many things she learned about herself as a person and adds that she might never have discovered these aspects of her personality if not for Madden.

Cameron was also asked about her insights on the worst things about being married and Diaz surprisingly says that her answer is very similar to that of the best things about being married.

“I learned all these things about myself that I wish I never learned about myself and I wouldn’t have known them if I didn’t get married,” says Ms. Diaz. “So it’s like this double-edged sword. But I’m just so grateful for it because I couldn’t do it without my husband and I couldn’t do it with anybody else except for him.”

Cameron Diaz and the 37-year-old Good Charlotte guitarist were wed in a private ceremony at Diaz’s Beverly Hills home in January. The couple had previously been dating for eight months.

Ms. Diaz went on to say that she believes happiness and acceptance of the aging process are keys to living a longer life, but that relationships are equally as important. She says relationships, even those that don’t necessarily lead to marriage, contribute to giving us longer lives, because relationships give us a sense of purpose.

“But I do think that marriage, my experience with it — and I know that you have felt the same way — when you can grow with someone, it’s very important.”

Cameron Diaz Shares Her Beauty And Aging Secrets In The Longevity Book

Cameron Diaz seems to defy aging with her iconic look unchanged from one film to the next, and she recently shared tips to living a longer, more youthful look in her new book, The Longevity Book. She says she decided to write the book as a response to the question of whether or not she feared turning 40. Ms. Diaz says she saw no reason to feel apprehension at the prospect of turning another year older, no matter what the specific age.

“What I learned is that aging is really about living,” said Cameron. “I feel very grateful that I get to turn another year older because not everybody does. Not everybody gets to grow old.”

Diaz co-wrote the book with Sandra Bark and researched scientific data and discoveries to establish a routine for women to age while they “maintain optimal health” levels. Cameron says it all boils down to how well women take care of themselves, and citing from The Longevity Book, Diaz says there are five areas of interest to consider while trying to establish a healthy lifestyle.

“There are five pillars of well-being,” says Ms. Diaz. “It’s good nutrition, good movement of the body, good night’s sleep, stress release and meaningful, connected, loving relationships.”

Cameron says the most important thing is for each woman to take responsibility for her own body. She says failing to get ahead of the curve will result in a frail, sickly body, as opposed to being able to live a healthy, lively life.

[Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for SiriusXM]