Sandra Oh Says She Might Return To 'Grey's Anatomy' But Only For Series Finale As Cristina Yang

The debate over whether or not Sandra Oh will return to Grey's Anatomy has been fueling the Grey's Anatomy chat online since she departed. But whether or not she'll return to Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Cristina Yang is still up in the air, as Sandra Oh has given subtle hints that the decision has not been made conclusively. Sandra Oh has been doing independent projects and stage work, but will she bring Cristina Yang back to Grey's Anatomy?

According to the Inquisitr, Sandra Oh is taking the never say never road in terms of making an appearance on Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Cristina Yang. But Kevin McKidd says that Dr. Cristina Yang has returned to Grey Sloan for Derek's funeral. There is a still photo taken from behind of Meredith and Cristina graveside. The rest of the cast of Grey's Anatomy are united in wanting Sandra Oh to return to Grey's Anatomy, but they support Sandra Oh in what she wants to do.

Fashion & Style is reporting that though Sandra Oh loved her time as Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy, she feels that she has done everything she wanted to do as the character of Cristina Yang and it was time to move on. Oh says she left on good terms, and is grateful to Shonda Rhimes for leaving the door open.

"I felt I had done my job. I had explored everything that I could with my character."

Oh said that she touched base recently with Rhimes about her character, Cristina Yang, and a time when Grey's Anatomy will come to a close. Sandra Oh has confirmed that she has expressed interest in coming back for the series finale of Grey's Anatomy to tie up loose ends. Sandra Oh isn't interested in revamping the character of Dr. Cristina Yang as a regular character on Grey's Anatomy.

But an appearance by Oh will not be happening any time soon, as Grey's Anatomy was just renewed for another year, meaning that the series finale is at least a year away.

"We talked about that when I told her I was going to leave but we haven't talked about it again. There are certain things that Shonda and I talk about once and then we leave it because we want things to happen without pressure."

So, will Sandra Oh absolutely come back to Grey's Anatomy as Cristina Yang to wrap the series up, as Meredith's person, with Cristina Yang by her side?

"Yes, I absolutely would."

The Hollywood Reporter says that though fans were upset that Sandra Oh departed from Grey's Anatomy, they should know that it wasn't easy for her either. Sandra Oh said that after filming her last day of Grey's Anatomy, she came apart. She explains that the whole cast and crew were in one room, and she had the opportunity to thank each of them for an amazing ride.
Oh explains that she was in tears as the moment she had planned on Grey's Anatomy had finally arrived. Oh explained that she was glad that she had told Shonda Rhimes at the beginning of the season that she planned to leave, so that the exit of Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy could also be as smooth as possible.

But Oh admits that she has second guessed her decision a few times, but still believes that she made the right decision, for herself and for the character of Cristina Yang, who didn't want to spend her whole career as a big fish in a little pond. Running a center in Switzerland would have been the natural move for someone of the caliber of Dr. Cristina Yang.

Post Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh says that she has been free to take on any project that strikes her, whether it be voice work or her first love, which is the stage. Oh likes not being tied to one project, but that doesn't take away from the love she has for Grey's Anatomy and for her character, Dr. Cristina Yang.

Do you believe that Shonda Rhimes will include Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang in the series finale of Grey's Anatomy?

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