Selena Gomez Caught Wearing Justin Bieber’s Clothes Again?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber haven’t been seen together in weeks, but earlier this month, Selena Gomez was spotted in what appeared to be Bieber’s hoodie.

According to a new report, the couple, who has been known to share clothing in the past, appears to have swapped a gray sweatshirt. Just days ago, months after Bieber was seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt in a photo, Selena Gomez appears to have been photographed wearing the exact same one in a separate photo.

“[Selena Gomez] was out in NYC earlier in the week, when she was spotted in such a cozy outfit. She was rocking a pair of black leggings, a Fear of God Guns N Roses black t-shirt, a Fear of God Fourth Collection Half Zip Sherpa Hoodie in God Grey, and a denim jacket on top,” Hollywood Life reported on May 5.

Selena Gomez was in New York City earlier this week to attend the Met Gala on Monday night, and due to a concert in Brooklyn on Wednesday, Bieber was in the Big Apple at the same time.

As the outlet continued, Bieber “has the exact same sweatshirt which is men’s and is a whopping $625. He was rocking the sweatshirt awhile back and posted a selfie of himself wearing it with baggy ripped jeans.”

Just weeks ago, Selena Gomez was caught wearing a yellow plaid shirt, much like the one Bieber has been wearing during his Purpose World Tour. As Hollywood Life revealed at the time, Selena Gomez was seen in the yellow shirt with her friends in Los Angeles as Bieber wore the shirt during a show in Kansas around the same time. Because Bieber is currently on tour and expected to wear similar outfits during each show, speculated the outlet, he likely has several yellow plaid shirts and may have given one of them to Selena Gomez.

Although Selena Gomez has been spotted in the same clothes as Bieber twice in recent weeks, there’s no real way of knowing whether the items were the same or different pieces. However, due to their ongoing relationship, which appears to be friendly at the moment, it would certainly be a major coincidence if the items weren’t the same.

Selena Gomez and Bieber appeared to be on the verge of giving their on and off romance another shot at the end of last year when they were seen together in Los Angeles, but weeks later, Bieber was spotted on vacation with model Hailey Baldwin, and the pair seemed to be dating. Then, a short time after that, Bieber appeared to move on from Baldwin with Kourtney Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez was linked to the likes of Niall Horan, Charlie Puth, and Samuel Krost, whom she held hands with during a dinner date in January.

Despite her rumored relationship with Krost, however, Selena Gomez reportedly remains in close contact with Bieber.

“Justin and [Selena Gomez] are talking over text but it is a little strained between the two right now,” a source told Hollywood Life in April. “But as much as it isn’t getting romantic right now, things change every second with these two that by the weekend if Justin is lonely, he will probably start putting on the charm to get her interested again.”

“Just another day between these two, they can’t stand each other and they can’t stand being without each other,” added the source.

Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour kicks off on May 6 in Las Vegas.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret]