Ellen Pompeo On A Possible Meredith/Alex Pairing: 'Just Because You're In Love Doesn't Mean It's A Romantic Love'

Ellen Pompeo believes in friendships between men and women, according to Blasting News. Moreover, the Grey's Anatomy star reveals she has close male friends of her own, and she is not romantically attracted to them at all.

Blasting News reported that the 46-year-old actress talked to TV Line and shared her opinion on Alex and Meredith Grey becoming an item in new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Such a discussion was triggered by the fact that Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo on ABC's hit show, is now single again.

So, of course, the series' fans are wondering who Meredith's new love interest will be. Derrick Shepard, Meredith's husband, died in Season 11, and many fans of the show think Ellen Pompeo's character won't be able to start a new romantic relationship.

But nonetheless, fans cannot help but wonder whether Meredith could end up with Alex in the end. As of now, Ellen Pompeo's character and Alex, played by Justin Chambers, are close friends. But some friendships sometimes bloom into passionate romantic relationships.

But Ellen Pompeo doesn't think so, saying she just cannot imagine Meredith and Alex becoming more than friends. In fact, she said they are way too close as friends to become an item. The Grey's Anatomy actress added that she has lots of "super-close friends" who she is not romantically attracted to at all.

"So I think just because you're so in love with someone in one way doesn't mean it's a romantic love. But they certainly do understand each other a lot."

And Ellen Pompeo is totally right. Meredith and Alex are way too close. In fact, they do love each other, but there are no romantic feelings attached to it. However, fans never know what the series' showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, has in her mind for future episodes. Sometimes very close friends end up becoming more than just friends. In fact, many Grey's Anatomy fans noted earlier this season that there was a romantic spark between Meredith and Alex. It was back when Ellen Pompeo's character got injured and Alex looked as if he wanted more than just to just be friends with her.

But other fans saw a true friend in Alex's actions, as he helped Ellen Pompeo's character go through hard times and even helped her with her kids when she wasn't able to take proper care of the kids herself.

But even if Rhimes decides to make Alex and Meredith an item, Ellen Pompeo won't mind it. The actress said she trusts the showrunner and that she is willing to do whatever Rhimes wants her to do.

But it doesn't look as if Meredith and Alex could become an item anytime soon, as Ellen Pompeo's character has a new love interest this season while Alex is still in a relationship with Jo. In fact, Alex even has plans to marry Jo.

Last week, Ellen Pompeo lost her bag and phone while shopping in Beverly Hills, according to the Daily Mail. And that's how celebrities remind their fans that they are just human beings and that they have their forgetful moments too!

Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, discovered she had no bag and phone on her after she was finished shopping in Beverly Hills. The Grey's Anatomy star looked confused as she searched for her missing belongings with her friend.

But it was an unidentified brunette lady who helped Ellen Pompeo to find her missing belongings. And Pompeo was very happy and at the same time surprised to find out that her things were safe and sound. It's unclear where the attentive passerby found Pompeo's belongings.

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