AT&T Will Allows FaceTime On Mobile Share Plans, Not On Individual, Family Plans

AT&T on Sunday announced that only customers of its new Mobile Share plans will be allowed to access Apple Facetime technology via mobile data connection. The cellular connection option will be made available immediately and will apply to all Apple devices connected to the customers’ Mobile Share plan.

The cost of AT&T’s mobile share plans range from $40 for 1GB plans to 20GB plans that run customers $200. Customers wanting to add extra devices to their plans must also pay $30 to $45 per device based on the data plan they are using. All feature phone additions regardless of data plan are just $30 because of their lacking high-end data connections. Laptops, mobile hotspots, and netbooks in the meantime will cost customers $20 per month while gaming devices and tablets add $10 per month.

The AT&T deal differs from other national carriers who have welcomed Apple FaceTime on all data plans. Last month, Sprint Wireless announced 3G FaceTime support.

FaceTime was originally only available to all wireless customers who utilized Wi-Fi connectivity.

Verizon Wireless has been attempting to cap user data in order to avoid FaceTime use; however, the company’s Net Neutrality promise made to the FCC has made those efforts almost impossible to enforce within the bounds of the law.

Do you think AT&T Wireless is erring on the side of caution by cutting out a significant sector of their mobile phone users from the use of mobile data connections for the purpose of utilizing Apple FaceTime technology?